Poker Blogs We Read

There are a host of excellent poker blogs and poker affiliate blogs we at Poker Affiliate Solutions read. They’re listed below in no particular order.

  • Iggy’s Party Poker Blog – a long time resource. Shows the importance of regular poker content. Always an entertaining read, it shows you don’t need fancy seo packages or the latest wordpress themes to rank well for poker related terms. It’s number two for “poker blog.”
  • Tao of Poker – An excellent blog from Pauly – writer, traveler, poker player. Not only do we like his writing, we’ve got a number of Dead fans in the office. Not just a poker player, but a full-time writer, with articles and/or columns on a number of other websites and Bluff Magazine.
  • Bill’s Blog – An awesome resource for information about the online poker industry. If you are a poker affiliate, get the feed on this one.
  • Money Hater – A hilarious poker blog from PokerBob. He just needs to update it more.
  • PAP Blog – Our friends at Poker Affiliate Programs write a good blog with fresh content on the industry. Excellent tools for a current or prospective poker affiliate.
  • Joe Tall’s Blog – Poker, Rakeback, Deuces Cracked, Poker Coaching and more from our friend Joe.
  • Michelle Lewis’s Blog – Um, Er, she’s hot. And it’s good reading about the goings on in the world of poker – online and off.
  • Noted Poker Authority – Ed Miller’s Blog. He is a multiple time 2+2 author and his blog is an excellent poker strategy resource.

There are actually a ton more. We’re always reading about the industry and poker generally. A few more:, PokerNews, Pokerati, Grinders Warehouse, DeathDonkey, and a bunch of others I am forgetting. Comment to turn us on to more good resources.

Wsop, pas, f.u.n

PAS had a company outing to Vegas last week. There are a few guys who work in the Nashville office who hadnt met some of the guys who work in the St. Paul office, it was a great time meeting everyone. Seeing people away from the office letting their hair down was a nice change of pace.Dinner at Aureole in Mandalay bay: Top left to right:Herb(inthacup), Byron, Chris(morgant), Chad, Ryan(RT)John(pokeraddict), Arthur, Craig, Chris, Loffi.It was the second trip organized for my company, and it was a smashing success. We went out to dinner with Karim(raketherake) and for those of you who havent met him, he is quite an amusing chap, thanks for picking up the tab Karim!! We had another meeting which was very promising. I hope to have more to report here about it in several weeks. One of our Russian affiliates, Akim(, came to stay with us for a few days and it was nice to finally put a face to the name.I ended up playing PLO at the Wynn quite a bit. My last night found me in a 10/20 PLO game. I sat down with $4k folded one hand and then this happened; I limped 3345 with 5 other limpers. The flop came 3, 9, Q with two hearts. I have the 3,5 of hearts. The BB lead out for pot and i repotted, he went to the tank then pushed and i called. He had top two with a gutter no flush draw. Turn was a Q and i drop 4 dimes before i can blink an eye. This is why I am an affiliate, i shouldnt limp that garbage hand to begin with, and getting my stack in there, while right at the time, is dodgy at best.I rebuy for $3k and played so weak tight i am sick writing about it. Brad Booth comes to the table drunk as a skunk and entertaining us and most tables near us. I whittled myself down to about $450 which cant even let you see a flop in this game. I had some garbage on the button and decided this was my hand. Myself, Brad and the BB saw the flop and i was allin. Brad kept saying ‘dry side pot’ to the BB, which is total crap in my book. He was telling him to check it down so they could take my chips. The BB didnt listen and bet pot into Brad on the flop. He immediately repotted by throwing in aobut 10 yellow chips, which as about 7 too many! BB promptly folded and Booth offered me a deal; i could get $500 of the pot if i folded. I immediately took it as i was booking a sure ~$50 profit.Anyways, over the next 3 hours i took that $500 and turned it into 6 dimes!!! God, PLO can be so great……..sometimes.

Blair Hinkle wins event No. 23, $2,000 No-Limit Hold’em

Blair Hinkle wins event No. 23, $2,000 No-Limit Hold’em:

This was an historic event. Blair Hinkle won his first WSOP bracelet and $507, 563 in prize money, an impressive achievement but not historic. Grant Hinkle, Blair’s older brother won Event No. 2 this summer. That makes the Hinkle brothers the first brothers in the history of the WSOP to ever win bracelets in the first year.
The chip counts at the start of the final table:
Andrew Jeffreys: $1,051, 000
Blair Hinkle: $1,030,000
Dustin Dirksen: $867, 000
David Steicke: $611,000
Mark Brockington: $552,000
Daniel O’Brien: $465,000
Stephane Tayer: $323,000
Chris Bjorin: $247,000
Dominik Kulicki: $241,000

Stephane Tayer got all in and David Steicke made the call. Their cards:
Steicke: Qs Qc
Tayer: As T c
Board: 5s, 2h, 2d, 9c, Kc
With no help from the board, Stephane Tayer was eliminated in 9th place with $45,252 in earnings.

When Andrew Jeffreys moved all in preflop with K K, Steicke quickly called and turned over A A.
The board: Ah Tc 2h 5c 7d
Jeffrey went out in 8th place with $63, 598 in earnings.

Dominik Kulicki was the next to get eliminated in 7th place. He got all his chips in the middle against Blair Hinkle and their cards were turned:
Hinkle: As Js
Kulicki: Qs Qc
Board: Ac Ad Tc 5c Kd
He hit the rails with a check for $81,944 in prize money.

Chris Bjorin was eliminated in 6th place, $106, 404 richer. Hinkle raised preflop to $65,000 and Chris Bjorin re-raised all in for $113,000. Their hands were shown:
Hinkle: Ac 3s
Bjorin: Kc Qs
Board: Td 8d 2c 3h 5d.

Dirksen raised all in preflop for $330,000 and Hinkle called. Their hands:
Hinkle: Ad 8s
Dirksen: Ac 2c
Board: Qh 3c 2h 8d 6s
Dustin Dirksen was eliminated in 5th place with $137,757.

Blair Hinkle raised a hand preflop to $100,000 and the remaining 3 players called. The flop was Qc 8c 6c and Steicke moved all in. Hinkle re-raised all in, prompting the others to fold. Their hands:
Hinkle: 8h 6d
Steicke: Tc 2s
Turn and river: 5h and Td
Steicke was eliminated in 4th place with $166, 333 in prize money.

Then the heads up play began between Hinkle and Brockington. On the last hand, Brockington moved all in preflop for 1.2 million and he was called by Hinkle. Brockington flipped Ad Ks and Hinkle showed pocket 6s.
The board: As 6d 2c 8c 2
Mark Brockington won $326, 552 for getting 2nd place, whereas Blair Hinkle earned $507,563, and a gold bracelet.

Max Pescatori wins event #24, $2,500 Pot-Limit Hold’em/Omaha

The starting chip counts for the final table were as follows:
Kyle Kloeckner- $494,000
Allen Cunningham- $484,000
Lennart Holtkamp- $253,000
Max Pescatori- $212,000
Kyle Hegeman-$198,000
Greg Hurst- $197,000
Jonathan Depa- $185,000
Minh Ly- $177,400
John-Paul Kelly-$79,000

Kelly was the first to get eliminated. Kloeckner raised to 25,000 and Kelly went all in for 64,000. Kloeckner called and their hands were shown:
Kloeckner: Ad Ts
Kelly: Kh Jh
The board: As 6h 5s 8c Qs
John-Paul Kelly was eliminated in 9th place with a check for $22,599.

Minh Ly went home with $30, 482 in 8th place. Jonathan Depa raised to $25,000 and Ly raised the pot behind him. The action folded back around to Depa, and Depa moved all in. Ly made the call and showed pocket jacks against Depa’s Ac Ks. The board showed Kd 5s 5h 5c 2s, Ly had just $4,000 and on the next hand he was all in blind .

Holtkamp was eliminated in 7th place with a check for $38,365. Pescatori limped, Hurst and Holtkamp both called. The flop showed Ks 8d 2s, Hurst checked and Holtkamp bet $21,000. Pescatori called and Hurst folded. The turn was a Ac and Pescatori bet $75,000. Holtkamp went all in and Pescatori called holding a set of kings. Holtkamp needed a non-board pairing spade to stay alive, but the river was the 2h.

Jonathan Depa went out in 6th place after going all in with less than a big blind against Pescatori. Depa never got any help from the board and he was eliminated. He got $48,876 in earnings.

Pescatori limped on the button and Hegeman raised to $80,000 from the small blind. Kloeckner and Pescatori both called and the flop showed Jh 5c 4d. Hegeman went all in for 125,000 and Kloeckner called. Pescatori folded and the players showed their hands. Hegeman showed top pair, top kicker and a back door flush draw. Kloeckner showed an open-ended straight draw and back door flush. The turn gave Kloeckner his straight but Kyle Hegeman was eliminated in 5th place with $62,015 in prize money.

After losing half his chips on a previous hand, Cunningham got all in against Kloeckner. Cunningham connected with the flop but Kloeckner hit a set of aces. Allen Cunningham was eliminated in 4th place with $76,205 in earnings.

Greg Hurst was eliminated in 3rd place with $94,599. Kloeckner raised preflop to 80,000 and Hurst re-raised to $175,000. Kloeckner made the call and the flop showed Qd Js 9s. Their hands were shown:
Kloeckner: Ad 7s
Hurst: Ks 7d
The Turn and River: 6c Ah.

On the final hand, Pescatori raised to $72,000 and Kloeckner made the call.
The flop: Kd Jd 3d
Pescatori bet 110,000, Kloeckner called. The turn: 2d, Pescatori bet the pot. Kloeckner moved all in, and Pescatori called. Their hands were shown and Kloeckner was holding jacks and threes for two pair, but Pescatori showed kings and jacks with a flush draw. The 2d on the river gave Pescatori his 2nd bracelet and $246,471.

Kenny Tran wins event No. 25, $10,000 World Championship Heads Up No-Limit Hold’em

Kenny Tran wins event No. 25, $10,000 World Championship Heads Up No-Limit Hold’em:

Here were the final four competitors:
-Vanessa Selbst
-Alec Torelli
-Kenny Tran
-Jonathan Jaffe

Jaffe vs. Tran:
After some vicious playing tactics and some chip lead swaps, Jaffe finally got eliminated. Jaffe raised to $60,000 and Tran re-raised to 210,000. Jaffe swiftly moved all in, and Tran made the call showing pocket jacks. Jaffe showed Kh 8c. The board ran out as Th 4h 4s Ad 8d. Tran won and was sent to the finals, but Jonathan Jaffe went home with $108,288.

Selbst vs. Torelli:
On the final between Selbst and Torelli, Selbst raised to $40,000 and Torelli re-raised to $130,000. Selbst made the call and the flop ran out as Js 5c 4d. Torelli bet 150,000 and Selbst made the call. Torelli bet 150,000 and Selbst made the call. The turn was Td, and Torelli bet 350,000. Selbst moved all in, and Torelli made the call. Their hands:
Selbst: Ks Ts
Torelli: Kc Qs
The river was a 9h, giving Torelli a straight and sending him to the finals. Vanessa Selbst earned $108,288.

Final – Tran vs. Torelli:
The start of the final heads up match started very conservatively on both players’ parts. Both took their time and often choose checks over bets. But after one significant hand, Tran took a 2-1 chip lead over Torelli.
After some more chip swaps, the final hand started. Tran raised to $100,000 and Torelli made the call. The flop ran out Qc 7c 4s, Tran bet $150,000. Torelli raised to 430,000 and Tran re-raised to 1,030,000. Torelli moved all-in and Tran called. Their hands were shown:
Tran: Ac 8c
Torelli: Q-10
Turn and river: 8h Jc
Kenny Tran won $539,040 in prize money and his first WSOP bracelet.

Phil Galfond wins event No. 28, Pot-Limit Omaha with Rebuys

The chips counts and seat assignments went as follows:
Seat 1) John Juanda- $694,800
Seat 2) Phil Hellmuth- $119, 000
Seat 3) David Benyamine- $1,014,000
Seat 4) Gerasimov Kirill- $558,000
Seat 5) Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond- $1,393,000
Seat 6) Daniel Negreanu- $460,000
Seat 7) Brian Rast- $1,176,000
Seat 8) Adam Hourani- $300,000
Seat 9) Johnny Chan- $624,000

Brian Rast showed some serious unlucky streaks during this final table event, and he eventually was eliminated in 9th place with a check for $84, 863. On his final hand, Negreanu limped and he raised to 70,000. Chan called and the flop came out as Jc 4d 3d. Chan checked, Rast bet 126,000 and Chan moved all in. Rast decided to make the call and he flipped over Jd Td 7c 6c for top pair, a flush draw, a back door flush draw, and straight draw. Chan revealed Ad 9s 7s 9d, he had a lower pair but a better flush draw. The turn and river were Qs Ah giving Chan the pot.

Phil Hellmuth was sent home early without his 12th WSOP bracelet. He got his last 200,000 in against David Benyamine who was holding Ah Ac Kh 4h. Hellmuth was holding As Kc Tc 4c and got no help from the board. He was sent to the rails in 8th place with $100,292.

Daniel Negreanu was eliminated in 7th place with $123,437 after he got himself all in against Phil Galfond. Their hands:
Negreanu: Kh Kd Jd 5c
Galfond: Ah Ac 2h Ad
The flop: 9h 7h 5h
The turn and river: Ks 2c

John Juanda was eliminated in 6th place, good for $154,296. The flop was 9s 8s 2c. Chan bet 48,000 and Juanda raised to 196,000. Chan went all-in, and Juanda called. Their hands:
Juanda: Kd Ts 9c 7s
Chan: Th 9h 8d 2s
The turn and river: 7c 2d

Kirill Gerasimov was eliminated in 5th place. He went all in from the small blind and was immediately called by Galfond. Gerasimov revealed Ah Td 8s 7c and Galfond showed Ac Jc 8c 5c. The board ran out as Js 9s 6s 6h 6d, and with that Kirill Gerasimov was sent home with $192,870.

Chan raised to 120,000 and was called by Benyamine and Galfond in the blinds. The flop was Jd Td 3c, Benyamine bet 55,000 and Galfond called. Chan went all-in, when the turn and river hit, both Benyamine and Galfond checked them down. Benyamine showed aces to take the pot. Chan was eliminated in 4th place with $246,874.

Benyamine raised a pot to 175,000 and was called by Hourani. The flop was Qd Jc 9h, Hourani checked. Benyamine went all in and Hourani called him showing A-Q-Q-T. Benyamine turned over A-A-T-9, he needed some help. But, he never got any so he was eliminated in 3rd place with $316,307.

Adam Hourani was down to his last 480,000. Both players went all in on a flop of Ad Qs 8c. Galfond’s was beaten by Hourani’s pair of aces until the 6h hit on the turn giving Galfond two pair. The river was a brick giving Galfond the win, $817,781, and the bracelet.

John Phan wins event No. 29, $3,000 No-limit Hold’em

John Phan is not a new face to the realm of poker. He’s finished runner-up twice previously at WSOP, but never has he walked away with a bracelet until this year. Phan won $434,789 and his long sought after gold bracelet.
Here were the chip counts and seat assignments starting the final table:
Seat 1) Sebastian Segovia- $128,500
Seat 2) Alex Bolotin- $534,000
Seat 3) David Singer- $334,000
Seat 4) Thuy Doan- $369,000
Seat 5) John Phan- $396,000
Seat 6) Matt Vengrin- $1,007,500
Seat 7) Stewart Newman- $398,000
Seat 8) Johnny Neckar- $796,000
Seat 9) Tony Dunst- $333,000

The first to get eliminated was Sebastian Segovia in 9th place, he started by raising to 49,000. Phan re-raised to 150,000, and out of nowhere Vengrin re-raised to 500,000. Segovia called and Phan folded. Their hands:
Segovia: As Kh
Vengrin: Qd Qc
The board came 7c 6d 4d 4c Qh and with that Segovia hit the rails.

Tony “MuckTheNuts” Dunst was eliminated in 8th with $54,344 in prize money. Dunst moved all in for his last 133,000 and Vengrin called. Their hands:
Dunst: Kh Kd
Vengrin: 9c 8c
It seemed that Dunst had a solid lead but when the board hit Td 8d 7d Jh Ts, Dunst was sent home.

At this point in the event, Phan had been forced to put down some big hands causing him to have a chip stack half the size of what he started with. Then, after getting all in with A-Q against Johnny Neckar’s pocket sevens. The board gave Phan a Broadway straight doubling his chip count to 800,000

Thuy Doan went all in with pocket sixes against Phan’s Ah Jc. The board gave Phan two pair. Doan was eliminated in 7th place with $69,165 in earnings.

Stewart Newman was feeling pretty good about his K-Q hand against Phan’s K-J. But when a Jack hit on the flop, Newman was sent home in 6th place with $88,927.

Phan raised a hand and Singer called in the big blind. The flop was: Ac Ks 3s and Phan bet 54,000. Singer moved all in and Phan called. Their hands:
Phan: Kc 3c
Singer: Qh Jd
Singer got no help from the turn or river, so he was eliminated in 5th place with a check for $112,641.

Alex Bolotin was the next to get eliminated in 4th place with $137, 343. Bolotin moved all in and Phan immediately called. Bolotin turned over pocket nines and Phan showed Ad Ks. Phan hit two pair on the flop, sending Bolotin home.

Vengrin went all in with A-9 against Neckar’s A-Q. The board missed both players, sending Vengrin home in 3rd place with $167,973.

On the final hand of play, Phan raised to 200,000 and Neckar went all in. Phan called and their hands were shown. Neckar held Qd Jd and Phan had Ah 9s, the board brought an ace to Phan ending the tournament. Neckar finished in 2nd place with a hefty check for $277,452.

Rob Hollink won event No. 30, $10,000 World Championship Limit Hold’em

Rob Hollink won event No. 30, $10,000 World Championship Limit Hold’em:

Here were the chip counts and seat assignments for the final table:
Seat 1): Andy Block- $370,000
Seat 2) Rob Hollink- $893,000
Seat 3) Tommy Hang- $578,000
Seat 4) Cy Jassinowsky- $231,000
Seat 5) Jerrod Ankeman- 441,000
Seat 6) Chris Vitch- $201,000
Seat 7) Brock Parker- $166,000
Seat 8) J.C. Tran- $247,000
Seat 9) Aaron Katz- $1,232,000

The first to hit the rails was the short-stacked Chris Vitch in 9th place with $51,230 in earnings.
He went all in for $22,000 and was called by Aaron Katz. Their hands were shown:
Vitch: Qc 9h
Katz: 8d 3h
The board read Kc 7c 4h 2h 8s. Vitch had the best hand until the 8 hit on the river giving Katz a pair.

Cy Jassinowsky was the next to go. Andy Bloch raised and Rob Hollink cold called. Hang made it three bets and Jassinowsky went all in, and Bloch folded. Hollink called and the flop was turned: Kc 9c 6d. Hang bet and Hollink folded. Their cards were shown:
Jassinowsky: A-2
Hollink: Q-Q
The turn and river gave 5h and 7c. Cy Jassinowsky was eliminated in 8th place with $66,599.

Bloch raised all in for 50,000 preflop and Hollink called. Their hands:
Bloch: Jh 3h
Hollink: 9d 8h
Board: Ad Ts 2s 7s 8c
When Hollink landed the eight on the river, Bloch was eliminated in 7th place with $81,968.

After Brock Parker moved all in preflop for three bets and Ankeman called and their hands were shown:
Parker: Qc 8c
Ankeman: Ah 9s
The board ran out Ts 5h 5c 7h 4s and Parker was eliminated in 6th place and took $102,460.

With a flop of Qs 7s 3s, Hollink bet and J.C. Tran called. When the Ks fell on the turn Hollink bet. A Kd hit on the river and Hollink had a flush. Tran mucked his hand and went home in 5th place with $128,075 in prize money.

Tommy Hang was eliminated in 3rd place, receiving a check for $194,674. Hollink started the hand by raising preflop and Tommy Hang went all in. Their cards were shown:
Hang: 9h 8c
Hollink: Kc Qs
Board: 8s 7s 3d Qh Jd

The heads-up play ended after Ankeman raised and Hollink re-raised preflop. Ankeman called all in and their hands were flipped:
Hollink: Ac 5d
Ankeman: Ts 7s
Board: As 5h 4c 3h Qd
With that, Hollink won $496,931 in prize money and his first gold bracelet. Ankeman got $307,380 for 2nd.

Jimmy Schultz wins event #12, $1,500 Limit Hold’em

Jimmy Schultz wins event #12, $1,500 Limit Hold’em
The chip counts for the final table started as follows:
Jimmy Shultz- $830,000 Ali Eslami- $400,000 Zach Fellows- $320,000 Brendan Taylor- $280,000 Markus Golser- $235,000 Vinny Vinh- $150,000 Teddy “Iceman” Monroe- $130,000 Chung Law- $90,000 Christoph Niesert: $80,000

The first to get eliminated in event #12 of the WSOP was Chung Law after he got all his chips into the middle with pocket tens. Unfortunately for Law, Jimmy Schultz flipped over pocket jacks. The board showed Qc 8c 8d 9c 7h and with that, Chung Law was sent to the rails with $23,423 in 9th place.

Christoph Niesert went all-in pre-flop and was called by Zach Fellows and Shultz. Both Shultz and Fellows checked down on a board of Jd, 9d, 5c, Kc, Qc. When Fellows flipped up a hand of Ks 8s, both Shultz and Niesert mucked. Christoph Niesert left the event in 8th place with $32, 432 in his pocket.

With a flop of 7d, 4c, 4d, Ali Eslami bet $20,000. Shultz raised, which was enough to put Eslami all in. Eslami made the call and they flipped their cards:
Eslami: 9h 5c
Shultz: Ac 5h
The turn showed Ad and the river was a brick. Eslami was eliminated in 7th place with $41,441 in earnings.

Markus Golser was eliminated in 6th place, earning $53,453. Shultz raised the pre-flop to 40,000 and Golser called. The flop was Qd, Th, 9s and Golser bet, which was enough to put him all in. Shultz made the call and the two players’ hands were shown.
Golser: Ad Jd
Shultz: 9c 7c
The turn and river bricked out and Markus Golser hit the rails.

Teddy “Iceman” Monroe called all in pre-flop after Shultz raised to 40,000. Brendan Taylor also made the call. The flop came Ts, 9h, 2h and Taylor and Shultz checked the board as the turn of 8h hit. After the Js hit on the river Shultz bet. Taylor folded his hand and Shultz showed 8s 7s. Teddy “Iceman” Monroe mucked and was eliminated in fifth place in $67,867.

With a board that read 3c 3s 2c Qh 3h, Taylor made an all-in call on the river but mucked his hand after he saw Vinny Vinh’s pocket eights. Brendan Taylor was eliminated in fourth place with $82,882.

Vinh went all in on a flop of Ks 7c 5d and Shultz caledl, when their hands were flipped:
Vinh: Q-2
Shultz: 7c 6c
The turn and river: 2d 3d
Vinny Vinh was eliminated in 3rd place and took home $99,099.

Early heads up play between Shultz and Fellows favored neither player. For the first hour, the chipstacks remained near even. In the next hour, Shultz took down two substantial pots to take a 2-1 chip lead on Fellows, and after a few more hands, Shultz was able to gain a 4-1 chip lead.

Not long after, it was over. Fellows raised all in pre-flop, Shultz held Th 3h and Fellows held pocket threes. The board presented Qd 7h 6h 6d Jh to make a heart flush for Jimmy Shultz, who won his first WSOP bracelet along with $257,105. Zach Fellows won $165, 165 in 2nd place earnings.

Svetlana Gromenkova wins event #15, $1,000 Ladies No-Limit World Championships

Svetlana Gromenkova wins event #15, $1,000 Ladies No-Limit World Championships:
The tournament started off full of warm welcomes and smiling faces. But all that was gone as the number of opponents dwindled . This was not Le’s first to walk away in second place, she also finished second to Jennifer Tilly in the 2005 WSOP.
The seat assignments and chip counts for the final table were as follows:
Seat 1) Patty Till- $312,000
Seat 2) Roslyn Quarto- $73,000
Seat 3) Marla Crumpler- $163,000
Seat 4) Svetlana Gromenkova- $553,000
Seat 5) Sue Porter- $211,000
Seat 6) Debbie Mitchell- $224,000
Seat 7) Christine Priday- $448,000
Seat 8) Yesenia Garcia- $210,000
Seat 9) Anh Le- $191,000

The first to get eliminated from the ladies table was Roslyn Quarto. Quarto raised to 42,000, both Marla Crumpler and Sue Porter called her. Once the flop came: Ah Ks 5h, it was check-check-check. Quarto shoved after seeing the 7s on the turn. Crumpler then folded and Porter called all in and turned over a hand of Ac 7c for two pair. But unfortunately, Quarto turned over a Ad Kc for a better pair. When a 8h hit on the river, it sent Porter to the rail. But before she left, she received a hug from Quarto. Sue Porter was eliminated in 9th, she received $20,034 in prize money.
This was Yesenia Garcia’s second WSOP cash, and she was eliminated in eighth place this year earning $28,155. When Crumpler raised to 38k, Garcia went all in with her last 59,000 with a hand of Ac Tc. Crumpler flipped up Ad Jd with a flop of Jc 9s 8c. Garcia held a straight and a flush draw. The turn was a brick, but the Ts on the river gave Yesenia a pair but not the pot.
With a payday of $36,277, Quarto was eliminated in 7th. At the start of the hand, Quarto limped, Crumpler raised, and Priday shoves for 228,000. Quarto called all in for 157k, Crumpler mucked her hand of pocket tens face up. Quarto’s Q-Q were put up against Priday’s A-K. The flop paired Priday’s Ace and the river brought her a king. Quarto got no help and was sent to the rails.
Gromenkova sent Debbie Mitchell home in 6th with a smile on her face. Gromenkova held Jh 7h when the flop was dealt. Gromenkova shoved while holding trips and a flush draw. Mitchell, on the other hand, was all in holding Ad 9d and got no help from the turn or river. She earned $47,106 as prize money.
Crumpler left in fifth place with $60,101 in prize money. She raised to 73k and Le moved all in for $438,000. Crumpler showed pocket kings. After Le’s A-9 caught an Ace on the flop and no help came for Marla Crumpler on the turn or river, she was eliminated.
After being crippled by Gromenkova on a previous hand, Priday put her last chips on a pot with A-7. But she was out-done by Le’s A-J, with bricks across the board Priday was eliminated in 4th place with $73,637.
Patty Till started a hand by moving all-in for 341k. Gromenkova then came over the top with all of her 1.1 million chips. Till had barely played a hand all day so when she went all in, everyone was expecting a really strong hand. But to everyone’s surprise, she flipped over K-6 off. Gromenkova’s pair of 9s sent Patty Till packing in 3rd place with a check for $87,715.
As the heads up play started, all joking was put away and they two ladies were down to business. On the final hand, Le raised to make it 100k and Gromenkova shoved. Le made the call and their hands were shown.
Le: A-6 off
Gromenkova: K-K
The flop: T 9 7
Le had a chance for the win with a straight draw. With the king on the turn, Le needed an 8 to survive. An ace on the river sent Anh Le home in second place with $144,567.