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There are a host of excellent poker blogs and poker affiliate blogs we at Poker Affiliate Solutions read. They’re listed below in no particular order. Iggy’s Party Poker Blog – a long time resource. Shows the importance of regular poker content. Always an entertaining read, it shows you don’t need fancy seo packages or the… Read more »

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PAS had a company outing to Vegas last week. There are a few guys who work in the Nashville office who hadnt met some of the guys who work in the St. Paul office, it was a great time meeting everyone. Seeing people away from the office letting their hair down was a nice change… Read more »

Blair Hinkle wins event No. 23, $2,000 No-Limit Hold’em: This was an historic event. Blair Hinkle won his first WSOP bracelet and $507, 563 in prize money, an impressive achievement but not historic. Grant Hinkle, Blair’s older brother won Event No. 2 this summer. That makes the Hinkle brothers the first brothers in the history… Read more »

The starting chip counts for the final table were as follows: Kyle Kloeckner- $494,000 Allen Cunningham- $484,000 Lennart Holtkamp- $253,000 Max Pescatori- $212,000 Kyle Hegeman-$198,000 Greg Hurst- $197,000 Jonathan Depa- $185,000 Minh Ly- $177,400 John-Paul Kelly-$79,000 Kelly was the first to get eliminated. Kloeckner raised to 25,000 and Kelly went all in for 64,000. Kloeckner… Read more »

Kenny Tran wins event No. 25, $10,000 World Championship Heads Up No-Limit Hold’em: Here were the final four competitors: -Vanessa Selbst -Alec Torelli -Kenny Tran -Jonathan Jaffe Jaffe vs. Tran: After some vicious playing tactics and some chip lead swaps, Jaffe finally got eliminated. Jaffe raised to $60,000 and Tran re-raised to 210,000. Jaffe swiftly… Read more »

The chips counts and seat assignments went as follows: Seat 1) John Juanda- $694,800 Seat 2) Phil Hellmuth- $119, 000 Seat 3) David Benyamine- $1,014,000 Seat 4) Gerasimov Kirill- $558,000 Seat 5) Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond- $1,393,000 Seat 6) Daniel Negreanu- $460,000 Seat 7) Brian Rast- $1,176,000 Seat 8) Adam Hourani- $300,000 Seat 9) Johnny Chan-… Read more »

John Phan is not a new face to the realm of poker. He’s finished runner-up twice previously at WSOP, but never has he walked away with a bracelet until this year. Phan won $434,789 and his long sought after gold bracelet. Here were the chip counts and seat assignments starting the final table: Seat 1)… Read more »

Rob Hollink won event No. 30, $10,000 World Championship Limit Hold’em: Here were the chip counts and seat assignments for the final table: Seat 1): Andy Block- $370,000 Seat 2) Rob Hollink- $893,000 Seat 3) Tommy Hang- $578,000 Seat 4) Cy Jassinowsky- $231,000 Seat 5) Jerrod Ankeman- 441,000 Seat 6) Chris Vitch- $201,000 Seat 7)… Read more »

Jimmy Schultz wins event #12, $1,500 Limit Hold’em The chip counts for the final table started as follows: Jimmy Shultz- $830,000 Ali Eslami- $400,000 Zach Fellows- $320,000 Brendan Taylor- $280,000 Markus Golser- $235,000 Vinny Vinh- $150,000 Teddy “Iceman” Monroe- $130,000 Chung Law- $90,000 Christoph Niesert: $80,000 The first to get eliminated in event #12 of… Read more »

Svetlana Gromenkova wins event #15, $1,000 Ladies No-Limit World Championships: The tournament started off full of warm welcomes and smiling faces. But all that was gone as the number of opponents dwindled . This was not Le’s first to walk away in second place, she also finished second to Jennifer Tilly in the 2005 WSOP…. Read more »