Max Pescatori wins event #24, $2,500 Pot-Limit Hold’em/Omaha

The starting chip counts for the final table were as follows:
Kyle Kloeckner- $494,000
Allen Cunningham- $484,000
Lennart Holtkamp- $253,000
Max Pescatori- $212,000
Kyle Hegeman-$198,000
Greg Hurst- $197,000
Jonathan Depa- $185,000
Minh Ly- $177,400
John-Paul Kelly-$79,000

Kelly was the first to get eliminated. Kloeckner raised to 25,000 and Kelly went all in for 64,000. Kloeckner called and their hands were shown:
Kloeckner: Ad Ts
Kelly: Kh Jh
The board: As 6h 5s 8c Qs
John-Paul Kelly was eliminated in 9th place with a check for $22,599.

Minh Ly went home with $30, 482 in 8th place. Jonathan Depa raised to $25,000 and Ly raised the pot behind him. The action folded back around to Depa, and Depa moved all in. Ly made the call and showed pocket jacks against Depa’s Ac Ks. The board showed Kd 5s 5h 5c 2s, Ly had just $4,000 and on the next hand he was all in blind .

Holtkamp was eliminated in 7th place with a check for $38,365. Pescatori limped, Hurst and Holtkamp both called. The flop showed Ks 8d 2s, Hurst checked and Holtkamp bet $21,000. Pescatori called and Hurst folded. The turn was a Ac and Pescatori bet $75,000. Holtkamp went all in and Pescatori called holding a set of kings. Holtkamp needed a non-board pairing spade to stay alive, but the river was the 2h.

Jonathan Depa went out in 6th place after going all in with less than a big blind against Pescatori. Depa never got any help from the board and he was eliminated. He got $48,876 in earnings.

Pescatori limped on the button and Hegeman raised to $80,000 from the small blind. Kloeckner and Pescatori both called and the flop showed Jh 5c 4d. Hegeman went all in for 125,000 and Kloeckner called. Pescatori folded and the players showed their hands. Hegeman showed top pair, top kicker and a back door flush draw. Kloeckner showed an open-ended straight draw and back door flush. The turn gave Kloeckner his straight but Kyle Hegeman was eliminated in 5th place with $62,015 in prize money.

After losing half his chips on a previous hand, Cunningham got all in against Kloeckner. Cunningham connected with the flop but Kloeckner hit a set of aces. Allen Cunningham was eliminated in 4th place with $76,205 in earnings.

Greg Hurst was eliminated in 3rd place with $94,599. Kloeckner raised preflop to 80,000 and Hurst re-raised to $175,000. Kloeckner made the call and the flop showed Qd Js 9s. Their hands were shown:
Kloeckner: Ad 7s
Hurst: Ks 7d
The Turn and River: 6c Ah.

On the final hand, Pescatori raised to $72,000 and Kloeckner made the call.
The flop: Kd Jd 3d
Pescatori bet 110,000, Kloeckner called. The turn: 2d, Pescatori bet the pot. Kloeckner moved all in, and Pescatori called. Their hands were shown and Kloeckner was holding jacks and threes for two pair, but Pescatori showed kings and jacks with a flush draw. The 2d on the river gave Pescatori his 2nd bracelet and $246,471.

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