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Common PAS Publisher Terms

Affiliate A person or company that helps promote a poker room. Bonus (deposit) An incentive poker rooms give to players to entice them into making a deposit with their poker room. Bonuses are often deducted from rakeback. Bonus (signup) A reward given to a member who signs up at a poker room directly. The reward […]

Unknown Trackers

Occasionally you will see a tracker created by a member whose username appears to be ‘Unknown’ in your statistics. What is this, and where did it come from? Most frequently, these unknown trackers show up in the reports that PAS receives from the poker rooms. These trackers do not have a corresponding player associated within […]

Promotions FAQ

How much do these promotions cost? All promotions are negotiated by the PAS Network and are at no cost to you. As a PAS publisher, all of your players that sign up through your PAS website can take advantage of these rake races, rake chases and freerolls. What do I need to update? Default Websites: […]

Managing Your Users

The Users section of the Publisher allows you to manage your members. The PAS Publisher recognizes three types of users: Publishers: The owner of a PAS account and website. Each site can have only one publisher, but a single publisher may have many websites. The publisher has unlimited access to the backend (PAS Publisher administration) […]

Understanding Referrals

Referrals are a way for publishers to create additional revenue for their online poker affiliate sites. If you are interested in promoting online poker, you probably know a number of active online poker players in your social networks. If they have not yet heard about Poker Affiliate Solutions there is a real chance for you […]

Managing Your Money

The most important question is how to operate the PAS cashier. You can check your balances, pay your players, and cashout your own revenue in the Cashier section of your control panel. Cashout The Cashout screen displays your Total and Available balances. Your Total balance reflects the total of all daily transactions. All or part of […]

Understanding Traditional Offers: CPA and Revenue Share

CPA and Revenue Share (also known as Rev Share) are two types of traditional offers available to you through your PAS Publisher account. To access or request available CPA or Rev Share offers, click on the ‘CPA/Revenue Share’ tab in your control panel. You may then choose to Request available offers or View offers you […]

What’s New in the Publisher Control Panel

Users experienced with our rakeback software control panel may find themselves in somewhat unfamiliar territory. Version 3 of the PAS Publisher Control Panel has a new look and interface, and new features. We hope you find the new system intuitive and easy to use, but just in case you have a bit of trouble, we’ve […]

partypoker Affiliate Program

partypoker Affiliate Program Review Partypoker has been one of the best poker affiliate programs for years. Partypoker offers quick payments, reliable service, and one of the most recognizable brand names in the industry. If you are targeting traffic from outside the United States you must be promoting partypoker. If you have a player who has an existing […]