Managing Your Money

The most important question is how to operate the PAS cashier. You can check your balances, pay your players, and cashout your own revenue in the Cashier section of your control panel.


The Cashout screen displays your Total and Available balances.

Total balance reflects the total of all daily transactions. All or part of this balance may be unavailable for cashout. Funds are typically unavailable until the 10th of the month following the month in which they were generated. So if you earned $100 in January, that amount will not be available for cashout until the 10th of February.

Available balance is the amount you may currently cashout in full. This represents revenue which has been cleared in the final monthly statement from the poker rooms. Your available balance must be at least $20.00 in order to cash out. If it is less than $20.00, it will be held until your available balance is $20.00 or more.

Cashout Methods

There are currently several methods by which you may cashout. PAS payments are made within 15 days of the time of request.

Bankwire: Enter your routing, swift, and account numbers in the details box. You must have a minimum $500.00 available balance to request a bank wire transfer. Please note that applicable fees will be deducted from your wire transfer, in addition to any charges your bank may assess for incoming wire payments.

Cake Poker, Juicy Stakes or True Poker Transfer: Enter your Cake Poker, Juicy Stakes or True Poker screen name, registered email address and the first name on the account. Poker room transfers are the fastest way to receive your PAS commission. These transfers are often processed in just a few days.

Please note that funds transferred to your True Poker account are meant to be used for play at the card room. There may be restrictions imposed for withdrawal of funds that are received through player to player transfer from us to you.

Moneybookers: Enter your email address and your first and last name to withdraw via Moneybookers. Withdrawals are subject to a standard $20 minimum and are assessed a small flat of $0.75.

Neteller: Minimum cashout will be $20. To use this method, we will need your Neteller email address and Neteller account ID. Please note that this method currently takes up to 30 days longer than other methods.

Cashout History

You can always see information about your past cashouts here. Simply select a date range in the date fields and click on ‘Generate Report’. This will display all cashouts that occurred within that range, the date they were requested and paid, the payment method and total amount paid. For a more detailed breakdown of the total, click on ‘View Payments’.

Payment History

The Payment History screen shows a detailed breakdown of payments that have been made to your account. You can filter the results by date, type of payment (rakeback, CPA, etc.), and the status of the payment.

Event Date is the date the revenue was generated. The Cashout Date is the day you requested a cashout. The Date Paid is the day the payment was actually made to your account. In the case of checks, it is the date the check is mailed to you.

When filtering results by date, please keep in mind that the system searches by the Event Date, rather than the cashout or paid dates.