What’s New in the Publisher Control Panel

Users experienced with our rakeback software control panel may find themselves in somewhat unfamiliar territory. Version 3 of the PAS Publisher Control Panel has a new look and interface, and new features. We hope you find the new system intuitive and easy to use, but just in case you have a bit of trouble, we’ve put together a brief guide to help you.

The Publisher Dashboard

Some parts of the new dashboard will look familiar, but you’ll notice a few differences immediately.

The Quick Link Icons across the top allow you easy access to the most frequently visited areas of your Control Panel. Clicking on Dash Preferences will allow you to customize the number and type of icons that are displayed. This way you can include only those that are most useful to you.

The Lifetime Revenue Graph is unchanged, but below it you will see the new Publisher News Panel. This panel will keep you updated with any news PAS has to share, and it is color-coded so that you can immediately identify the nature of each message. News alerts are important messages that appear in red and remain at the top of the publisher news list.

Finally, we have expanded the Quick Text Links at the bottom of the dashboard so that you can quickly get where you need to go.

Publisher Options

One of the most significant options available here is the control which allows you to choose to send support tickets to the PAS support staff or to handle them yourself.


This area allows you control the content and presentation of your site.

Main CMS

The content management system has changed significantly in the latest version. Please see the Content Management System documentation for more detailed information.

Major changes:

  • @@tokens@@ have become {{ tokens }}. They work exactly the same way as previously.
  • The folder section has changed somewhat:
  • Site CSS is now layout.css and is in the css folder.

  • Skin CSS is now theme.css and is in the css folder.

  • The emails folder now contains all the modifiable emails that are sent to your members.

  • The forms folder now contains all the signup forms:

    • site-signup-form includes all pages related to signing up for your rakeback site.
    • room-signup-form includes all pages related to signing up for bonus and rakeback offers.
  • The layout folder now contains footer.html and layout.html (which was previously titled ‘Site Template’.)

  • The navigation folder is gone. Your navigation items are now embedded into layout.html.

  • The new support folder contains both the helpdesk files and the Contact Us form.


The layout section allows you to choose your color scheme and layout. Previously, this was accessible under the Sites menu.


This new page shows a summary of currently available promotions. Publishers no longer need to manually opt in to any promotions in order to participate.

Page Routing

This is a new feature which allows you to assign your offer pages (formerly called glance pages) any URL you desire. Simply match the name of the poker room with the full URL you want for your new page location and all your navigation will be automatically updated.


You must still create this page and its content through the CMS. We highly recommend that you copy and paste the entire original page source into the new file.


The users section is greatly expanded in the new control panel. We have given you many more ways to search and group your members.

Member Search – Quick searches allow you to access popular searches with the click of your mouse. Advanced searches enable you to build complex multi-level queries.

Groups – Groups are new and allow you to classify your players in easily accessible groups. This way you can quickly view their stats, user details, and etcetera. Read more about groups in the Member Groups and Smart Member Groups sections of this documentation.

Publisher Assistants – This new feature gives you the ability to create user accounts that have access to certain areas of the control panel. You are able to specify those areas with the new publisher’s assistant permissions system. Use this frequently-requested feature to create special accounts for assistants who can help you with support or to update content, just to name a few.

Rakeback Websites

This section functions nearly identically to the previous version. Here you can edit offers, change your site name(s) and access other site settings.

CPA & Revenue Share

This section is substantially upgraded from the previous traditional offers section. It is split into two main areas. The first area allows you to request new offers and see a history of previous requests). The second area allows you to view the offers for which you are currently offering campaigns. Statistics for CPA and Revenue Share campaigns may be viewed via the Statistics tab in the main navigation, or by clicking on the view stats buttons on the View CPA & Revenue Share Offers page.


The expanded statistics system now allows you to view statistics for rakeback, revenue share, and CPA campaigns. Each section includes an intuitive form for searching and viewing records. By default, statistics for the current month are displayed, if available.


The support section functions are unchanged. We’ve just given the design and layout a facelift to make it more attractive and user-friendly!


The referrals section is hugely expanded in our new control panel. This section is split into two separate categories. Member Referrals allows you to view and customize the rates for referrals that members make to other members. This new feature grants access to customize every aspect of member referrals and add advanced tier systems. Publisher Referrals shows you referrals you have made to other PAS publishers and how much they have earned over a specified period. As always, you can also grab free banners and your PAS affiliate link from this area.


The Cashier section now includes your cashout panel, cashout history, and payment history.