Common PAS Publisher Terms

A person or company that helps promote a poker room.
Bonus (deposit)
An incentive poker rooms give to players to entice them into making a deposit with their poker room. Bonuses are often deducted from rakeback.
Bonus (signup)
A reward given to a member who signs up at a poker room directly. The reward is given directly by the poker room. It is often a percentage of the player’s first deposit on that site, which is added to their account after a specified amount of real money poker play.
An account assigned specifically to one affiliate. This account may be used on any website owned by the publisher, regardless of whether the website is hosted by PAS. Campaigns will track all players that sign up through it. This removes the need for a player to enter a tracker. This is ideal for revenue share programs or affiliates that wish to use banners or text links.
Canned responses
Pre-saved responses to common support enquiries which can be used to quickly respond to frequently asked questions or complaints.
Content Management System (CMS)
The system which is integrated into the PAS Publisher Control Panel which allows you to edit the appearance and content of your website(s).
Cost Per Action (CPA)
A one-time payment awarded to a publisher for directing a player to signup and play at a poker room.
The first page of the PAS Publisher Control Panel.
Any amount that is subtracted from rakeback such as a bonus or a deposit fee.
Free Bankroll
A cash award given to a qualifying player which can be used to play real money poker at a participating poker program.
A PAS employee-only account which can be used to access your records and assist you with managing your account.
Gross revenue
The total of all money generated before any deductions are made.
Helpdesk (member)
The support system in the Publisher Control Panel used to read and respond to support tickets submitted by members.
Helpdesk (publisher)
The support system used by publishers to directly send inquiries to PAS customer service representatives.
Anyone who signs up for a PAS rakeback website with the intention of earning rakeback.
Member Group
A group of members selected manually by the publisher for monitoring purposes.
Member Tracker
A record that is created when a member signs up for a poker room. This tracking code identifies the member, links him to a specific poker room account, and is used to track their play and generated revenue so that they may be compensated.
Monthly Gross Revenue (MGR)
This is the number a player’s rakeback is based on. MGR is figured out by taking the total rake generated by a player and subtracting any deductions such as bonuses or deposit fees.
Any deal a publisher can accept that stipulates some form of compensation or reward for referring players to an online poker room. Offers may be rakeback, CPA, revenue share, or free bankrolls.
Offer (private)
A PAS website offer which can only be viewed by members of that site who are logged in.
Offer (public)
A PAS website offer which can be viewed by anyone who visits a site.
Poker Affiliate Solutions (PAS)
We are Poker Affiliate Solutions, a company which provides affiliate services to publishers who wish to be compensated for publishing links to online poker rooms.
Any non-revenue sharing incentive offered to a member or player. These may be offered by PAS or by poker rooms directly, and can be in the form of prizes, cash awards, bonuses, or com$
PAS promotion
Promotions offered directly by PAS to members of rakeback sites hosted by PAS publishers.
Typically, this refers to individuals who have created a PAS account and are hosting a rakeback website. Also references the web software that allows a publisher to manage his rakebac$
Publisher Assistant
A special type of member created by a publisher who has limited access to the Publisher Control Panel.
Publisher Control Panel
The software interface used to manage your sites, track your offers and users, and modify and review all of your PAS account settings.
Referral (direct)
A referral made directly from one member to another member.
Referral (indirect)
A referral made by a referred player. For example, Member A refers Member B who refers Member C. The relationship between Member A and Member C is an indirect referral.
Referral (level)
A specific number assigned to an indirect referral depending on how many players the original source of a referral is to the connection. For example, Member A refers Member B who refers Member C, who refers Member D. The relationship between Member A and Member C is a level 1 referral. The relationship between Members A and D is a level 2 referral.
Reward (member)
The cash incentive awarded to a player in return for playing poker and generating rake.
Reward (publisher)
The cash incentive awarded to a publisher by PAS as a result of deals negotiated with poker rooms to reward referring players.
The money that is taken out of the pot. This money goes towards labor, cards, poker tables, chips, comps and of course profit.
A promotion used by affiliates of poker rooms that gives players a part of their rake back that they generate at the tables. It is one of the most important things to an online poker player. Rakeback is what specializes in.
Rakeback website
A PAS-powered website used to offer rakeback to members and provide them with support, tracking, referral rewards, custom content and payment processing.
Rake Race
Contests held by poker rooms or affiliates to encourage players to play more and reward the highest volume players.
Reload Bonus
A bonus given to existing players to entice them into returning to play at a poker room. Sometimes reloads are given to high volume players to reward them for their play.
Revenue Share (Rev Share)
A recurring payment awarded to a publisher for directing a player to sign up and play at a poker room.
Sales lead
Responses submitted from the sales lead generator contact form, which can be used to pitch potential members on rakeback solutions.
Support ticket
A message composed by a member or publisher which is sent to the helpdesk.
Ticket ID
An automatically generated identification code attached to a support ticket.
Tiered payment
An award structured on earning conditions. Each time a condition is satisfied, a new and higher award is given as specified in the tier configuration.
A special link that is used to ensure that publishers are awarded for each individual they refer to a poker room.
Anyone who uses, manages, or interacts with the PAS software system. Users may be publishers, members, publisher assistants, or globals.
VIP Program
Programs offered by poker rooms, often to higher volume players to reward them for their play.
Website name
The descriptive name used to identify a particular website such as “My Rakeback Site”. This should not be confused with the website URL.
Website URL
The web address of a specific website, or what you enter into a browser to navigate to that site. This always starts with http://.