Unknown Trackers

Occasionally you will see a tracker created by a member whose username appears to be ‘Unknown’ in your statistics. What is this, and where did it come from?

Most frequently, these unknown trackers show up in the reports that PAS receives from the poker rooms. These trackers do not have a corresponding player associated within the PAS system. This player is tracked to your campaign and you will receive commission off of their play.

The unknown tracker is still tracked to a publisher’s account through a campaign, so you still receive credit for their rake (and profit) for referring that player to the associated online poker room.

How does this happen?

Most often, it is due to simple user error on the part of the player. Sometimes a player forgets to return to the PAS system to enter his tracker. If you promote offers outside of the PAS system, it is impossible for the player to enter a tracker. Your campaign guarantees that you will receive credit for this player.

If my player did not get tracked, can this be corrected?

In most cases we can correct an issue with an untracked player. If you know that you have a player who should be tracked at a certain room, ask him for the tracker he would like to use, then open a publisher support ticket and we can usually get your player correctly tracked to you. In some instances, the poker room will not be able to retag.