Promotions FAQ

How much do these promotions cost?

All promotions are negotiated by the PAS Network and are at no cost to you. As a PAS publisher, all of your players that sign up through your PAS website can take advantage of these rake races, rake chases and freerolls.

What do I need to update?

Default Websites: If you have not edited your promotions page in the past you probably do not need to do anything. You should check your website monthly to ensure that any banners and content that your website accurately displays correct information and that your links are up to date and working correctly.

Custom sites: You can either copy/paste code from the latest monthly promotions thread or reset the promotions.html page. This will give you all the correct links to the current promotions. Once you do that, use the pages in the CMS located at promotions > descriptions to translate or add your custom content. Editing only within the descriptions and emails folders will ensure you will always receive automatic updates.

When is the freeroll for a poker room?

See the monthly promotions thread for details.

When and how are promotions paid?

Rake chases are typically paid between the 10th and 15th of the month. They are usually directly paid to the player’s poker room account.

I am getting the error “Invalid Room ID (POKER ROOM). How do I fix this?

This is normal to see at the very beginning of the month when new promotions are being configured. Your pages should automatically update, typically within 48 hours after the beginning of the new month.