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PAS had a company outing to Vegas last week. There are a few guys who work in the Nashville office who hadnt met some of the guys who work in the St. Paul office, it was a great time meeting everyone. Seeing people away from the office letting their hair down was a nice change of pace.Dinner at Aureole in Mandalay bay: Top left to right:Herb(inthacup), Byron, Chris(morgant), Chad, Ryan(RT)John(pokeraddict), Arthur, Craig, Chris, Loffi.It was the second trip organized for my company, and it was a smashing success. We went out to dinner with Karim(raketherake) and for those of you who havent met him, he is quite an amusing chap, thanks for picking up the tab Karim!! We had another meeting which was very promising. I hope to have more to report here about it in several weeks. One of our Russian affiliates, Akim(, came to stay with us for a few days and it was nice to finally put a face to the name.I ended up playing PLO at the Wynn quite a bit. My last night found me in a 10/20 PLO game. I sat down with $4k folded one hand and then this happened; I limped 3345 with 5 other limpers. The flop came 3, 9, Q with two hearts. I have the 3,5 of hearts. The BB lead out for pot and i repotted, he went to the tank then pushed and i called. He had top two with a gutter no flush draw. Turn was a Q and i drop 4 dimes before i can blink an eye. This is why I am an affiliate, i shouldnt limp that garbage hand to begin with, and getting my stack in there, while right at the time, is dodgy at best.I rebuy for $3k and played so weak tight i am sick writing about it. Brad Booth comes to the table drunk as a skunk and entertaining us and most tables near us. I whittled myself down to about $450 which cant even let you see a flop in this game. I had some garbage on the button and decided this was my hand. Myself, Brad and the BB saw the flop and i was allin. Brad kept saying ‘dry side pot’ to the BB, which is total crap in my book. He was telling him to check it down so they could take my chips. The BB didnt listen and bet pot into Brad on the flop. He immediately repotted by throwing in aobut 10 yellow chips, which as about 7 too many! BB promptly folded and Booth offered me a deal; i could get $500 of the pot if i folded. I immediately took it as i was booking a sure ~$50 profit.Anyways, over the next 3 hours i took that $500 and turned it into 6 dimes!!! God, PLO can be so great……..sometimes.

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