Blair Hinkle wins event No. 23, $2,000 No-Limit Hold’em

Blair Hinkle wins event No. 23, $2,000 No-Limit Hold’em:

This was an historic event. Blair Hinkle won his first WSOP bracelet and $507, 563 in prize money, an impressive achievement but not historic. Grant Hinkle, Blair’s older brother won Event No. 2 this summer. That makes the Hinkle brothers the first brothers in the history of the WSOP to ever win bracelets in the first year.
The chip counts at the start of the final table:
Andrew Jeffreys: $1,051, 000
Blair Hinkle: $1,030,000
Dustin Dirksen: $867, 000
David Steicke: $611,000
Mark Brockington: $552,000
Daniel O’Brien: $465,000
Stephane Tayer: $323,000
Chris Bjorin: $247,000
Dominik Kulicki: $241,000

Stephane Tayer got all in and David Steicke made the call. Their cards:
Steicke: Qs Qc
Tayer: As T c
Board: 5s, 2h, 2d, 9c, Kc
With no help from the board, Stephane Tayer was eliminated in 9th place with $45,252 in earnings.

When Andrew Jeffreys moved all in preflop with K K, Steicke quickly called and turned over A A.
The board: Ah Tc 2h 5c 7d
Jeffrey went out in 8th place with $63, 598 in earnings.

Dominik Kulicki was the next to get eliminated in 7th place. He got all his chips in the middle against Blair Hinkle and their cards were turned:
Hinkle: As Js
Kulicki: Qs Qc
Board: Ac Ad Tc 5c Kd
He hit the rails with a check for $81,944 in prize money.

Chris Bjorin was eliminated in 6th place, $106, 404 richer. Hinkle raised preflop to $65,000 and Chris Bjorin re-raised all in for $113,000. Their hands were shown:
Hinkle: Ac 3s
Bjorin: Kc Qs
Board: Td 8d 2c 3h 5d.

Dirksen raised all in preflop for $330,000 and Hinkle called. Their hands:
Hinkle: Ad 8s
Dirksen: Ac 2c
Board: Qh 3c 2h 8d 6s
Dustin Dirksen was eliminated in 5th place with $137,757.

Blair Hinkle raised a hand preflop to $100,000 and the remaining 3 players called. The flop was Qc 8c 6c and Steicke moved all in. Hinkle re-raised all in, prompting the others to fold. Their hands:
Hinkle: 8h 6d
Steicke: Tc 2s
Turn and river: 5h and Td
Steicke was eliminated in 4th place with $166, 333 in prize money.

Then the heads up play began between Hinkle and Brockington. On the last hand, Brockington moved all in preflop for 1.2 million and he was called by Hinkle. Brockington flipped Ad Ks and Hinkle showed pocket 6s.
The board: As 6d 2c 8c 2
Mark Brockington won $326, 552 for getting 2nd place, whereas Blair Hinkle earned $507,563, and a gold bracelet.

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