Poker Blogs We Read

There are a host of excellent poker blogs and poker affiliate blogs we at Poker Affiliate Solutions read. They’re listed below in no particular order.

  • Iggy’s Party Poker Blog – a long time resource. Shows the importance of regular poker content. Always an entertaining read, it shows you don’t need fancy seo packages or the latest wordpress themes to rank well for poker related terms. It’s number two for “poker blog.”
  • Tao of Poker – An excellent blog from Pauly – writer, traveler, poker player. Not only do we like his writing, we’ve got a number of Dead fans in the office. Not just a poker player, but a full-time writer, with articles and/or columns on a number of other websites and Bluff Magazine.
  • Bill’s Blog – An awesome resource for information about the online poker industry. If you are a poker affiliate, get the feed on this one.
  • Money Hater – A hilarious poker blog from PokerBob. He just needs to update it more.
  • PAP Blog – Our friends at Poker Affiliate Programs write a good blog with fresh content on the industry. Excellent tools for a current or prospective poker affiliate.
  • Joe Tall’s Blog – Poker, Rakeback, Deuces Cracked, Poker Coaching and more from our friend Joe.
  • Michelle Lewis’s Blog – Um, Er, she’s hot. And it’s good reading about the goings on in the world of poker – online and off.
  • Noted Poker Authority – Ed Miller’s Blog. He is a multiple time 2+2 author and his blog is an excellent poker strategy resource.

There are actually a ton more. We’re always reading about the industry and poker generally. A few more:, PokerNews, Pokerati, Grinders Warehouse, DeathDonkey, and a bunch of others I am forgetting. Comment to turn us on to more good resources.

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