Leveling the Playing Field

Way back in the day, anyone could enter the rakeback market. All you needed was an excel spreadsheet, an aptitude with PM’ing, and some hustle and drive. Back then, rakeback providers had a relationship with their customers. If the customer needed something, the affiliate would deliver.It changed somewhere along the line. It changed because players became focused on the promotional money they were eligible for. While sites like Raketracker focused on customer service and were less concerned about sheer volume, sites like RaketheRake poured money into promotions. Players may or may not realize that freeroll promotions are designed to sign-up new players and rake races are designed to reward the highest generating players. Affiliates are aware of this.But what happens to the mid-generating player in the middle? He thrives with a rakeback relationship because of personal attention and customer service.Ultimately, a quality rakeback site must have all of the above elements. Personal attention, customer service, promotions – both freerolls and rake races, as well as on-time payments, stats, room selection, good affiliate website, and easy sign-up.That’s why Poker Affiliate Solutions offers its publishers the ability to instantly offer $40,000 in promotions. In September, it will be significantly more. That way, an affiliate with only one or two players signed-up can be part of a huge promotional series, yet still give the personal attention the player needs.Click Sign-Up to instantly get your own rakeback site now!

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