Kenny Tran wins event No. 25, $10,000 World Championship Heads Up No-Limit Hold’em:

Here were the final four competitors:
-Vanessa Selbst
-Alec Torelli
-Kenny Tran
-Jonathan Jaffe

Jaffe vs. Tran:
After some vicious playing tactics and some chip lead swaps, Jaffe finally got eliminated. Jaffe raised to $60,000 and Tran re-raised to 210,000. Jaffe swiftly moved all in, and Tran made the call showing pocket jacks. Jaffe showed Kh 8c. The board ran out as Th 4h 4s Ad 8d. Tran won and was sent to the finals, but Jonathan Jaffe went home with $108,288.

Selbst vs. Torelli:
On the final between Selbst and Torelli, Selbst raised to $40,000 and Torelli re-raised to $130,000. Selbst made the call and the flop ran out as Js 5c 4d. Torelli bet 150,000 and Selbst made the call. Torelli bet 150,000 and Selbst made the call. The turn was Td, and Torelli bet 350,000. Selbst moved all in, and Torelli made the call. Their hands:
Selbst: Ks Ts
Torelli: Kc Qs
The river was a 9h, giving Torelli a straight and sending him to the finals. Vanessa Selbst earned $108,288.

Final – Tran vs. Torelli:
The start of the final heads up match started very conservatively on both players’ parts. Both took their time and often choose checks over bets. But after one significant hand, Tran took a 2-1 chip lead over Torelli.
After some more chip swaps, the final hand started. Tran raised to $100,000 and Torelli made the call. The flop ran out Qc 7c 4s, Tran bet $150,000. Torelli raised to 430,000 and Tran re-raised to 1,030,000. Torelli moved all-in and Tran called. Their hands were shown:
Tran: Ac 8c
Torelli: Q-10
Turn and river: 8h Jc
Kenny Tran won $539,040 in prize money and his first WSOP bracelet.

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