Jimmy Schultz wins event #12, $1,500 Limit Hold’em

Jimmy Schultz wins event #12, $1,500 Limit Hold’em
The chip counts for the final table started as follows:
Jimmy Shultz- $830,000 Ali Eslami- $400,000 Zach Fellows- $320,000 Brendan Taylor- $280,000 Markus Golser- $235,000 Vinny Vinh- $150,000 Teddy “Iceman” Monroe- $130,000 Chung Law- $90,000 Christoph Niesert: $80,000

The first to get eliminated in event #12 of the WSOP was Chung Law after he got all his chips into the middle with pocket tens. Unfortunately for Law, Jimmy Schultz flipped over pocket jacks. The board showed Qc 8c 8d 9c 7h and with that, Chung Law was sent to the rails with $23,423 in 9th place.

Christoph Niesert went all-in pre-flop and was called by Zach Fellows and Shultz. Both Shultz and Fellows checked down on a board of Jd, 9d, 5c, Kc, Qc. When Fellows flipped up a hand of Ks 8s, both Shultz and Niesert mucked. Christoph Niesert left the event in 8th place with $32, 432 in his pocket.

With a flop of 7d, 4c, 4d, Ali Eslami bet $20,000. Shultz raised, which was enough to put Eslami all in. Eslami made the call and they flipped their cards:
Eslami: 9h 5c
Shultz: Ac 5h
The turn showed Ad and the river was a brick. Eslami was eliminated in 7th place with $41,441 in earnings.

Markus Golser was eliminated in 6th place, earning $53,453. Shultz raised the pre-flop to 40,000 and Golser called. The flop was Qd, Th, 9s and Golser bet, which was enough to put him all in. Shultz made the call and the two players’ hands were shown.
Golser: Ad Jd
Shultz: 9c 7c
The turn and river bricked out and Markus Golser hit the rails.

Teddy “Iceman” Monroe called all in pre-flop after Shultz raised to 40,000. Brendan Taylor also made the call. The flop came Ts, 9h, 2h and Taylor and Shultz checked the board as the turn of 8h hit. After the Js hit on the river Shultz bet. Taylor folded his hand and Shultz showed 8s 7s. Teddy “Iceman” Monroe mucked and was eliminated in fifth place in $67,867.

With a board that read 3c 3s 2c Qh 3h, Taylor made an all-in call on the river but mucked his hand after he saw Vinny Vinh’s pocket eights. Brendan Taylor was eliminated in fourth place with $82,882.

Vinh went all in on a flop of Ks 7c 5d and Shultz caledl, when their hands were flipped:
Vinh: Q-2
Shultz: 7c 6c
The turn and river: 2d 3d
Vinny Vinh was eliminated in 3rd place and took home $99,099.

Early heads up play between Shultz and Fellows favored neither player. For the first hour, the chipstacks remained near even. In the next hour, Shultz took down two substantial pots to take a 2-1 chip lead on Fellows, and after a few more hands, Shultz was able to gain a 4-1 chip lead.

Not long after, it was over. Fellows raised all in pre-flop, Shultz held Th 3h and Fellows held pocket threes. The board presented Qd 7h 6h 6d Jh to make a heart flush for Jimmy Shultz, who won his first WSOP bracelet along with $257,105. Zach Fellows won $165, 165 in 2nd place earnings.

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