Phil Galfond wins event No. 28, Pot-Limit Omaha with Rebuys

The chips counts and seat assignments went as follows:
Seat 1) John Juanda- $694,800
Seat 2) Phil Hellmuth- $119, 000
Seat 3) David Benyamine- $1,014,000
Seat 4) Gerasimov Kirill- $558,000
Seat 5) Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond- $1,393,000
Seat 6) Daniel Negreanu- $460,000
Seat 7) Brian Rast- $1,176,000
Seat 8) Adam Hourani- $300,000
Seat 9) Johnny Chan- $624,000

Brian Rast showed some serious unlucky streaks during this final table event, and he eventually was eliminated in 9th place with a check for $84, 863. On his final hand, Negreanu limped and he raised to 70,000. Chan called and the flop came out as Jc 4d 3d. Chan checked, Rast bet 126,000 and Chan moved all in. Rast decided to make the call and he flipped over Jd Td 7c 6c for top pair, a flush draw, a back door flush draw, and straight draw. Chan revealed Ad 9s 7s 9d, he had a lower pair but a better flush draw. The turn and river were Qs Ah giving Chan the pot.

Phil Hellmuth was sent home early without his 12th WSOP bracelet. He got his last 200,000 in against David Benyamine who was holding Ah Ac Kh 4h. Hellmuth was holding As Kc Tc 4c and got no help from the board. He was sent to the rails in 8th place with $100,292.

Daniel Negreanu was eliminated in 7th place with $123,437 after he got himself all in against Phil Galfond. Their hands:
Negreanu: Kh Kd Jd 5c
Galfond: Ah Ac 2h Ad
The flop: 9h 7h 5h
The turn and river: Ks 2c

John Juanda was eliminated in 6th place, good for $154,296. The flop was 9s 8s 2c. Chan bet 48,000 and Juanda raised to 196,000. Chan went all-in, and Juanda called. Their hands:
Juanda: Kd Ts 9c 7s
Chan: Th 9h 8d 2s
The turn and river: 7c 2d

Kirill Gerasimov was eliminated in 5th place. He went all in from the small blind and was immediately called by Galfond. Gerasimov revealed Ah Td 8s 7c and Galfond showed Ac Jc 8c 5c. The board ran out as Js 9s 6s 6h 6d, and with that Kirill Gerasimov was sent home with $192,870.

Chan raised to 120,000 and was called by Benyamine and Galfond in the blinds. The flop was Jd Td 3c, Benyamine bet 55,000 and Galfond called. Chan went all-in, when the turn and river hit, both Benyamine and Galfond checked them down. Benyamine showed aces to take the pot. Chan was eliminated in 4th place with $246,874.

Benyamine raised a pot to 175,000 and was called by Hourani. The flop was Qd Jc 9h, Hourani checked. Benyamine went all in and Hourani called him showing A-Q-Q-T. Benyamine turned over A-A-T-9, he needed some help. But, he never got any so he was eliminated in 3rd place with $316,307.

Adam Hourani was down to his last 480,000. Both players went all in on a flop of Ad Qs 8c. Galfond’s was beaten by Hourani’s pair of aces until the 6h hit on the turn giving Galfond two pair. The river was a brick giving Galfond the win, $817,781, and the bracelet.

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