John Phan wins event No. 29, $3,000 No-limit Hold’em

John Phan is not a new face to the realm of poker. He’s finished runner-up twice previously at WSOP, but never has he walked away with a bracelet until this year. Phan won $434,789 and his long sought after gold bracelet.
Here were the chip counts and seat assignments starting the final table:
Seat 1) Sebastian Segovia- $128,500
Seat 2) Alex Bolotin- $534,000
Seat 3) David Singer- $334,000
Seat 4) Thuy Doan- $369,000
Seat 5) John Phan- $396,000
Seat 6) Matt Vengrin- $1,007,500
Seat 7) Stewart Newman- $398,000
Seat 8) Johnny Neckar- $796,000
Seat 9) Tony Dunst- $333,000

The first to get eliminated was Sebastian Segovia in 9th place, he started by raising to 49,000. Phan re-raised to 150,000, and out of nowhere Vengrin re-raised to 500,000. Segovia called and Phan folded. Their hands:
Segovia: As Kh
Vengrin: Qd Qc
The board came 7c 6d 4d 4c Qh and with that Segovia hit the rails.

Tony “MuckTheNuts” Dunst was eliminated in 8th with $54,344 in prize money. Dunst moved all in for his last 133,000 and Vengrin called. Their hands:
Dunst: Kh Kd
Vengrin: 9c 8c
It seemed that Dunst had a solid lead but when the board hit Td 8d 7d Jh Ts, Dunst was sent home.

At this point in the event, Phan had been forced to put down some big hands causing him to have a chip stack half the size of what he started with. Then, after getting all in with A-Q against Johnny Neckar’s pocket sevens. The board gave Phan a Broadway straight doubling his chip count to 800,000

Thuy Doan went all in with pocket sixes against Phan’s Ah Jc. The board gave Phan two pair. Doan was eliminated in 7th place with $69,165 in earnings.

Stewart Newman was feeling pretty good about his K-Q hand against Phan’s K-J. But when a Jack hit on the flop, Newman was sent home in 6th place with $88,927.

Phan raised a hand and Singer called in the big blind. The flop was: Ac Ks 3s and Phan bet 54,000. Singer moved all in and Phan called. Their hands:
Phan: Kc 3c
Singer: Qh Jd
Singer got no help from the turn or river, so he was eliminated in 5th place with a check for $112,641.

Alex Bolotin was the next to get eliminated in 4th place with $137, 343. Bolotin moved all in and Phan immediately called. Bolotin turned over pocket nines and Phan showed Ad Ks. Phan hit two pair on the flop, sending Bolotin home.

Vengrin went all in with A-9 against Neckar’s A-Q. The board missed both players, sending Vengrin home in 3rd place with $167,973.

On the final hand of play, Phan raised to 200,000 and Neckar went all in. Phan called and their hands were shown. Neckar held Qd Jd and Phan had Ah 9s, the board brought an ace to Phan ending the tournament. Neckar finished in 2nd place with a hefty check for $277,452.

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