Rob Hollink won event No. 30, $10,000 World Championship Limit Hold’em

Rob Hollink won event No. 30, $10,000 World Championship Limit Hold’em:

Here were the chip counts and seat assignments for the final table:
Seat 1): Andy Block- $370,000
Seat 2) Rob Hollink- $893,000
Seat 3) Tommy Hang- $578,000
Seat 4) Cy Jassinowsky- $231,000
Seat 5) Jerrod Ankeman- 441,000
Seat 6) Chris Vitch- $201,000
Seat 7) Brock Parker- $166,000
Seat 8) J.C. Tran- $247,000
Seat 9) Aaron Katz- $1,232,000

The first to hit the rails was the short-stacked Chris Vitch in 9th place with $51,230 in earnings.
He went all in for $22,000 and was called by Aaron Katz. Their hands were shown:
Vitch: Qc 9h
Katz: 8d 3h
The board read Kc 7c 4h 2h 8s. Vitch had the best hand until the 8 hit on the river giving Katz a pair.

Cy Jassinowsky was the next to go. Andy Bloch raised and Rob Hollink cold called. Hang made it three bets and Jassinowsky went all in, and Bloch folded. Hollink called and the flop was turned: Kc 9c 6d. Hang bet and Hollink folded. Their cards were shown:
Jassinowsky: A-2
Hollink: Q-Q
The turn and river gave 5h and 7c. Cy Jassinowsky was eliminated in 8th place with $66,599.

Bloch raised all in for 50,000 preflop and Hollink called. Their hands:
Bloch: Jh 3h
Hollink: 9d 8h
Board: Ad Ts 2s 7s 8c
When Hollink landed the eight on the river, Bloch was eliminated in 7th place with $81,968.

After Brock Parker moved all in preflop for three bets and Ankeman called and their hands were shown:
Parker: Qc 8c
Ankeman: Ah 9s
The board ran out Ts 5h 5c 7h 4s and Parker was eliminated in 6th place and took $102,460.

With a flop of Qs 7s 3s, Hollink bet and J.C. Tran called. When the Ks fell on the turn Hollink bet. A Kd hit on the river and Hollink had a flush. Tran mucked his hand and went home in 5th place with $128,075 in prize money.

Tommy Hang was eliminated in 3rd place, receiving a check for $194,674. Hollink started the hand by raising preflop and Tommy Hang went all in. Their cards were shown:
Hang: 9h 8c
Hollink: Kc Qs
Board: 8s 7s 3d Qh Jd

The heads-up play ended after Ankeman raised and Hollink re-raised preflop. Ankeman called all in and their hands were flipped:
Hollink: Ac 5d
Ankeman: Ts 7s
Board: As 5h 4c 3h Qd
With that, Hollink won $496,931 in prize money and his first gold bracelet. Ankeman got $307,380 for 2nd.

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