Svetlana Gromenkova wins event #15, $1,000 Ladies No-Limit World Championships

Svetlana Gromenkova wins event #15, $1,000 Ladies No-Limit World Championships:
The tournament started off full of warm welcomes and smiling faces. But all that was gone as the number of opponents dwindled . This was not Le’s first to walk away in second place, she also finished second to Jennifer Tilly in the 2005 WSOP.
The seat assignments and chip counts for the final table were as follows:
Seat 1) Patty Till- $312,000
Seat 2) Roslyn Quarto- $73,000
Seat 3) Marla Crumpler- $163,000
Seat 4) Svetlana Gromenkova- $553,000
Seat 5) Sue Porter- $211,000
Seat 6) Debbie Mitchell- $224,000
Seat 7) Christine Priday- $448,000
Seat 8) Yesenia Garcia- $210,000
Seat 9) Anh Le- $191,000

The first to get eliminated from the ladies table was Roslyn Quarto. Quarto raised to 42,000, both Marla Crumpler and Sue Porter called her. Once the flop came: Ah Ks 5h, it was check-check-check. Quarto shoved after seeing the 7s on the turn. Crumpler then folded and Porter called all in and turned over a hand of Ac 7c for two pair. But unfortunately, Quarto turned over a Ad Kc for a better pair. When a 8h hit on the river, it sent Porter to the rail. But before she left, she received a hug from Quarto. Sue Porter was eliminated in 9th, she received $20,034 in prize money.
This was Yesenia Garcia’s second WSOP cash, and she was eliminated in eighth place this year earning $28,155. When Crumpler raised to 38k, Garcia went all in with her last 59,000 with a hand of Ac Tc. Crumpler flipped up Ad Jd with a flop of Jc 9s 8c. Garcia held a straight and a flush draw. The turn was a brick, but the Ts on the river gave Yesenia a pair but not the pot.
With a payday of $36,277, Quarto was eliminated in 7th. At the start of the hand, Quarto limped, Crumpler raised, and Priday shoves for 228,000. Quarto called all in for 157k, Crumpler mucked her hand of pocket tens face up. Quarto’s Q-Q were put up against Priday’s A-K. The flop paired Priday’s Ace and the river brought her a king. Quarto got no help and was sent to the rails.
Gromenkova sent Debbie Mitchell home in 6th with a smile on her face. Gromenkova held Jh 7h when the flop was dealt. Gromenkova shoved while holding trips and a flush draw. Mitchell, on the other hand, was all in holding Ad 9d and got no help from the turn or river. She earned $47,106 as prize money.
Crumpler left in fifth place with $60,101 in prize money. She raised to 73k and Le moved all in for $438,000. Crumpler showed pocket kings. After Le’s A-9 caught an Ace on the flop and no help came for Marla Crumpler on the turn or river, she was eliminated.
After being crippled by Gromenkova on a previous hand, Priday put her last chips on a pot with A-7. But she was out-done by Le’s A-J, with bricks across the board Priday was eliminated in 4th place with $73,637.
Patty Till started a hand by moving all-in for 341k. Gromenkova then came over the top with all of her 1.1 million chips. Till had barely played a hand all day so when she went all in, everyone was expecting a really strong hand. But to everyone’s surprise, she flipped over K-6 off. Gromenkova’s pair of 9s sent Patty Till packing in 3rd place with a check for $87,715.
As the heads up play started, all joking was put away and they two ladies were down to business. On the final hand, Le raised to make it 100k and Gromenkova shoved. Le made the call and their hands were shown.
Le: A-6 off
Gromenkova: K-K
The flop: T 9 7
Le had a chance for the win with a straight draw. With the king on the turn, Le needed an 8 to survive. An ace on the river sent Anh Le home in second place with $144,567.

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