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SEO BasicsSEO (search engine optimization) has become a necessary tool for those hoping to obtain traffic from Google and Yahoo. SEO allows us to create human friendly web pages which are easily understood by the most popular search engines. Here are a few basic tips for improving your websites’ SEO:1. Insert keywords inside the title tag so that search engine robots can assess what your page is about.2. Be sure that the text within the title tag can also be found somewhere within the body of the page. It is not good to have keywords in the title tag which are not contained within the body of the page.3. Refrain from using the same exact title tag on every page on your website. Google and Yahoo search engine robots may determine that your web pages are the same if your title tags are identical.4. Give your links titles. This will help confused web surfers know where you are sending them and also increase relevancy for this page with search engines.5. Be Bold. Use the and tags around some of your keywords on each page. However, do not use them everywhere the keyword appears.6. Exchange articles with other websites. Unlike link exchanges, article exchanges are very valuable.Example: You publish someone else’s article on the AP/UB merger with a link back to their site. They then publish your article on the WSOP Player of the Year Race, with a link back to your site.7. Make sure you have links coming into as many pages as possible. Having links coming only into your homepage tells search engines that you have a shallow site with minimal value.8. DO NOT link to link farms.9. Insert title tags for text links within the HTML of your text link. This adds value to the link and the page where the link resides.10. If you are contemplating handing over the task of SEO to someone outside of your company, read some warnings before deciding on whom to hire: wiki links below will assist you in the process of improving your websites’ SEO.,Tony G

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Marketing Yourself OfflineAs online marketers, we seldom find ourselves face to face with the customer. Most of our communication with players is via email or Instant Messenger. Although this is convenient, the internet presents many significant drawbacks. Emails can go unanswered or ignored, potential clients must wade through dozens, hundreds or even thousands of competing websites before they reach yours, and online chat can be impersonal and lack the emphasis and clarity of face to face dialogue.Your website is still key to affiliate success, but getting potential clients to visit it in a market where competitors have the same goal can often be difficult, time consuming, and expensive.Potential customers can be found at local home games, casinos, conferences, and anywhere the conversation of poker can be heard. For example, on numerous occasions I have been asked what I do for a living when dining out, shopping at the grocery store or playing cards at my local casino.One of the best tools for these situations is a business card. This enables you to:1) Appear professional2) Provide contact information for future communication.3) Expose your web site name to a broader audience.4) Maintain a captive audience. Unlike on the internet, potential customers can’t just move on to the next web page.Design does not have to be elaborate, just professional. Indicate clearly and professionally the name and address of your website, your contact information, and a few featured offers. Many sites provide you with design templates that serve this purpose very well.An online search should yield many reputable sites where you can design your card online and have them shipped directly to you. Prices vary, but it is not difficult to get hundreds of cards shipped to you for well under forty dollars.One such affordable option is VistaPrint where you may upload images and work with provided templates to get the professional look you need.

Rakeback for Inactive Existing Accounts on Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet

An exciting announcement was made late today by Chipleader, the affiliate program for Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet. These two poker rooms, who will soon create the Cereus Network, announced that they will allow players that have not played on Absolute Poker or Ultimate Bet for 90 days and did not originally sign up through an affiliate to move to our rakeback program. This is huge news. Answering support emails I know that there are several players a day that we cannot get rakeback for because their accounts are too old. Even if the player was not active that player still could not move to our rakeback program. For the month of October that all changes.If you are a PAS publisher and have players ask about getting rakeback on an existing account ask them how they signed up and how long it has been since they played. If it has been longer than 90 days and the player went directly to their website to sign up then refer them to PAS support or get their username and email and send it to us. If Chipleader decides they have in fact been inactive for three months and are not connected to another affiliate they will move them to us. This is a huge opportunity to convert players that have been waiting for this type of situation to get rakeback on an existing account.If you have any questions please contact support (at)

Online Poker in the Current Economic Crisis

Everywhere the news is reporting a complete economic crisis. Banks are failing, stocks are plunging, housing markets are a mess and people have stopped splurging on many things. How will this affect online poker?Just because the economy is in bad shape does not mean all sectors are failing. For example, video game and console manufacturers are reporting record sales. Why is this? It is because people spend a little money upfront and they can play for free for a long time. They don’t have to spend any gas money to be entertained. Online poker enjoys that same luxury.If you are on a mailing list for any casinos or follow the industry you know that Las Vegas is hurting. They are giving away the place to lure players in. This is because on top of the poor economy airfares and gas prices have skyrocketed. Also people are reluctant to take time off of work during these hard times. This makes it harder for players to travel, especially to an expensive destination like Las Vegas. In past poor economies were actually good for brick and mortar casinos, high energy prices seem to be to blame for that not being the case this time around. This does not mean people have stopped gambling though.Online poker and all online gambling are perfect fits for this economy. Players don’t have to spend time traveling, spend gas money, or take any time off work to enjoy their past time. Since so many rakeback players are at the very least break even players it is also a hobby that costs them little, if any money and of course there are pros that make their living off poker. In my opinion online poker will easily survive, if not grow in these dire times. People are still going to play poker and online poker has made that so convenient for players compared to their alternatives that I think the entire industry will continue to flourish.

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Proactive Customer ContactIt is important, in the rakeback business and in the poker affiliate business in general, to proactively contact customers when the situation warrants it. This may include news, special promotions, freerolls, or anything else that your customer may find helpful.For example, for Poker Affiliate Solutions, we use both Highrise and iContact.Highrise help us manage the relationships with have with PAS poker affiliates. All of our publishers have their own file on Highrise. Each file is updated when communication is made between our staff and the publisher. Highrise allows us to easily document email/IM communication and to assign the action that needs to take place next. Each publisher has a proactive task assigned to their file so that we always have a plan for future communication. This application allows us to keep up to date information on all of our business partners without spending countless hours entering data.iContact is our mass emailer. Anytime we want to broadcast a message to a large user base, we use iContact. This service allows you to send out emails, schedule messages, track opens and clickthroughs, and handle bouncebacks and unsubscribes. We like this one in particular because they have a very high rate of deliverability. This means your message gets to its intended audience. It works better for our industry than any of its competitors.The most important thing to remember in proactive customer contact is DO NOT ABUSE IT. Only send information you feel is relevant and useful. And this means relevant and useful to your customer – not to you. One of your jobs as a poker affiliate is to add value. This may be as simple as quality room reviews that help poker players choose between poker rooms. It may be as much as taking large parts of your earnings and having freerolls or rake races for your customers.Either way, you need to add value. Spamming customers is the opposite of adding value.Also, our company will be attending the CAP Barcelona Conference next week. If you would like to sit down with one of our representatives, please contact me and I can arrange a meeting.Tony GEmail: TonyG at PokerAffiliateSolutions dot com

Getting the Most Out of Your Domain Name

The domain name you choose is the most important part of your start up website. This is not only true with your performance in the search engines but also with how easily your potential customers will identify and remember your domain name. The latter can be vastly improved by finding a domain name that can be branded well with a logo or mascot.Google and other search engines use your domain name as part of your score when ranking you for searches. If your domain name is missing rakeback, rake or even poker from it then it will already have a disadvantage over your competitors. The search engines know by your domain name how your site relates to a user’s search. A domain name missing key search words will almost always be outperformed by domains that include the keyword. This is especially true at first.The first thought you should have when buying a domain name is trying your best to find a domain name that not only catches the search engine’s attention but your potential users as well. Try to use some creativity. Finding a domain name that includes your best search term followed by a potential branding word or phrase is very important. Using a little creativity now can go a long way in increasing the potential of your website. This doesn’t just go for poker, this goes for all online industries.When it comes to a rakeback partnership between you and PAS you may be adding rakeback offerings to enhance your already existing business. We have successful coaching, bonus and other gaming sites as our partners. If this is the case we will use what is called a subdomain. In most cases we will use to help you with your Google performance.As a PAS publisher there are additional things you can do for your site. In the admin of your site in your CMS each page has a section to edit the tags of your site. Making your own unique page titles, keywords and descriptions for each page will greatly improve your visibility in Google. It only takes about 15 minutes to tag your entire site and the return on this small time investment can be incredible. There is nothing more satisfying then seeing Google sending you potential customers for free.If you ever have any questions about domain names or our SEO features please contact John at support (at) or Tony at tonyg (at)