Monday Sales Call 9-15-08

Proactive Customer ContactIt is important, in the rakeback business and in the poker affiliate business in general, to proactively contact customers when the situation warrants it. This may include news, special promotions, freerolls, or anything else that your customer may find helpful.For example, for Poker Affiliate Solutions, we use both Highrise and iContact.Highrise help us manage the relationships with have with PAS poker affiliates. All of our publishers have their own file on Highrise. Each file is updated when communication is made between our staff and the publisher. Highrise allows us to easily document email/IM communication and to assign the action that needs to take place next. Each publisher has a proactive task assigned to their file so that we always have a plan for future communication. This application allows us to keep up to date information on all of our business partners without spending countless hours entering data.iContact is our mass emailer. Anytime we want to broadcast a message to a large user base, we use iContact. This service allows you to send out emails, schedule messages, track opens and clickthroughs, and handle bouncebacks and unsubscribes. We like this one in particular because they have a very high rate of deliverability. This means your message gets to its intended audience. It works better for our industry than any of its competitors.The most important thing to remember in proactive customer contact is DO NOT ABUSE IT. Only send information you feel is relevant and useful. And this means relevant and useful to your customer – not to you. One of your jobs as a poker affiliate is to add value. This may be as simple as quality room reviews that help poker players choose between poker rooms. It may be as much as taking large parts of your earnings and having freerolls or rake races for your customers.Either way, you need to add value. Spamming customers is the opposite of adding value.Also, our company will be attending the CAP Barcelona Conference next week. If you would like to sit down with one of our representatives, please contact me and I can arrange a meeting.Tony GEmail: TonyG at PokerAffiliateSolutions dot com

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