Getting the Most Out of Your Domain Name

The domain name you choose is the most important part of your start up website. This is not only true with your performance in the search engines but also with how easily your potential customers will identify and remember your domain name. The latter can be vastly improved by finding a domain name that can be branded well with a logo or mascot.Google and other search engines use your domain name as part of your score when ranking you for searches. If your domain name is missing rakeback, rake or even poker from it then it will already have a disadvantage over your competitors. The search engines know by your domain name how your site relates to a user’s search. A domain name missing key search words will almost always be outperformed by domains that include the keyword. This is especially true at first.The first thought you should have when buying a domain name is trying your best to find a domain name that not only catches the search engine’s attention but your potential users as well. Try to use some creativity. Finding a domain name that includes your best search term followed by a potential branding word or phrase is very important. Using a little creativity now can go a long way in increasing the potential of your website. This doesn’t just go for poker, this goes for all online industries.When it comes to a rakeback partnership between you and PAS you may be adding rakeback offerings to enhance your already existing business. We have successful coaching, bonus and other gaming sites as our partners. If this is the case we will use what is called a subdomain. In most cases we will use to help you with your Google performance.As a PAS publisher there are additional things you can do for your site. In the admin of your site in your CMS each page has a section to edit the tags of your site. Making your own unique page titles, keywords and descriptions for each page will greatly improve your visibility in Google. It only takes about 15 minutes to tag your entire site and the return on this small time investment can be incredible. There is nothing more satisfying then seeing Google sending you potential customers for free.If you ever have any questions about domain names or our SEO features please contact John at support (at) or Tony at tonyg (at)

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