Monday Sales Call 9-22-2008

Marketing Yourself OfflineAs online marketers, we seldom find ourselves face to face with the customer. Most of our communication with players is via email or Instant Messenger. Although this is convenient, the internet presents many significant drawbacks. Emails can go unanswered or ignored, potential clients must wade through dozens, hundreds or even thousands of competing websites before they reach yours, and online chat can be impersonal and lack the emphasis and clarity of face to face dialogue.Your website is still key to affiliate success, but getting potential clients to visit it in a market where competitors have the same goal can often be difficult, time consuming, and expensive.Potential customers can be found at local home games, casinos, conferences, and anywhere the conversation of poker can be heard. For example, on numerous occasions I have been asked what I do for a living when dining out, shopping at the grocery store or playing cards at my local casino.One of the best tools for these situations is a business card. This enables you to:1) Appear professional2) Provide contact information for future communication.3) Expose your web site name to a broader audience.4) Maintain a captive audience. Unlike on the internet, potential customers can’t just move on to the next web page.Design does not have to be elaborate, just professional. Indicate clearly and professionally the name and address of your website, your contact information, and a few featured offers. Many sites provide you with design templates that serve this purpose very well.An online search should yield many reputable sites where you can design your card online and have them shipped directly to you. Prices vary, but it is not difficult to get hundreds of cards shipped to you for well under forty dollars.One such affordable option is VistaPrint where you may upload images and work with provided templates to get the professional look you need.

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