Rakeback for Inactive Existing Accounts on Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet

An exciting announcement was made late today by Chipleader, the affiliate program for Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet. These two poker rooms, who will soon create the Cereus Network, announced that they will allow players that have not played on Absolute Poker or Ultimate Bet for 90 days and did not originally sign up through an affiliate to move to our rakeback program. This is huge news. Answering support emails I know that there are several players a day that we cannot get rakeback for because their accounts are too old. Even if the player was not active that player still could not move to our rakeback program. For the month of October that all changes.If you are a PAS publisher and have players ask about getting rakeback on an existing account ask them how they signed up and how long it has been since they played. If it has been longer than 90 days and the player went directly to their website to sign up then refer them to PAS support or get their username and email and send it to us. If Chipleader decides they have in fact been inactive for three months and are not connected to another affiliate they will move them to us. This is a huge opportunity to convert players that have been waiting for this type of situation to get rakeback on an existing account.If you have any questions please contact support (at) pokeraffiliatesolutions.com.Pokeraddict

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