Monday Sales Call 9-29-2008

SEO BasicsSEO (search engine optimization) has become a necessary tool for those hoping to obtain traffic from Google and Yahoo. SEO allows us to create human friendly web pages which are easily understood by the most popular search engines. Here are a few basic tips for improving your websites’ SEO:1. Insert keywords inside the title tag so that search engine robots can assess what your page is about.2. Be sure that the text within the title tag can also be found somewhere within the body of the page. It is not good to have keywords in the title tag which are not contained within the body of the page.3. Refrain from using the same exact title tag on every page on your website. Google and Yahoo search engine robots may determine that your web pages are the same if your title tags are identical.4. Give your links titles. This will help confused web surfers know where you are sending them and also increase relevancy for this page with search engines.5. Be Bold. Use the and tags around some of your keywords on each page. However, do not use them everywhere the keyword appears.6. Exchange articles with other websites. Unlike link exchanges, article exchanges are very valuable.Example: You publish someone else’s article on the AP/UB merger with a link back to their site. They then publish your article on the WSOP Player of the Year Race, with a link back to your site.7. Make sure you have links coming into as many pages as possible. Having links coming only into your homepage tells search engines that you have a shallow site with minimal value.8. DO NOT link to link farms.9. Insert title tags for text links within the HTML of your text link. This adds value to the link and the page where the link resides.10. If you are contemplating handing over the task of SEO to someone outside of your company, read some warnings before deciding on whom to hire: wiki links below will assist you in the process of improving your websites’ SEO.,Tony G

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