How Much Can You Make With PAS

We repeatedly get asked, by people wanting to use PAS to offer rakeback, how much can I make?The short answer is, as a poker affiliate, you can make a substantial amount of money using PAS. We know this because we have quite a few publishers making more than $5,000 per month. Some are making substantially more than that.But it is your business. Poker Affiliate Solutions is not a get rich quick scheme. Currently, it is a set of tools that allows you to offer rakeback. You can have your own rakeback site within minutes. We provide a content management system, complete payment processing, english language customer service, and all of the offers from the poker rooms that you need to be profitable.While that is a substantial offering, it is not custom content or individual marketing. You bring the players, we bring substantial profit on those players. There is an element of hard work on the publisher’s part. We, however, love to help you succeed.With that hard work and a little bit of innovation, you can make hundreds the first month, thousands within six months, and tens of thousands a year out.We saw recently a post on sitepoint where one of our publishers is selling his site. This particular publisher was fairly typical in size, and had not been in the business for a particularly long time. We encourage you to take a look at his for sale posting here: Poker Affiliate Solutions Websites.Bottom line: You can make a lot of money with PAS.

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