Monday Sales Call 10-6-2008

Frequently Asked QuestionsAs Affiliate Manager at PAS, I spend a great deal of time answering questions that publishers or potential publishers have about our rakeback solution. I love the fact that publishers want to know exactly what we can and cannot offer them and their websites. The old addage “there is no such thing as a stupid question” is absolutely true, especially in the sometimes confusing world of online marketing. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions and their correlating answers.1) How do I add a new poker room offer?Periodically new sites are added to the PAS network that you can add to your site as a bonus or rakeback offer. Publishers need to sign into their Admin Panel ( , locate and click on the “Sites” button on the top navigation bar. Next, click the “Edit” link next to the site you wish to add the new room to. Then locate the “Add More Offers” box and make sure that the box is check next to the offers that you would like to add. Finally, click on the “Add Checked Offers” button. 2) Can I create a custom bonus code for my rakeback site?Yes you can. Email me (tonyg at pokeraffiliatesolutions dot com) with the custom bonus code that you would like to appear on your offer pages. 3) Does PAS provide player support for non-English speaking websites?We do not provide player support for non-English speaking websites and players. However, we can set up a ticket system that enables your websites support to forward translated tickets to our support staff. We also provide template emails to be translated for common player questions.4) How can I offer higher percentages to my player?Many poker rooms have maximum percentages that cannot be exceeded. Where this is the case, the default player percentage is the highest allowed. Such rules are strictly enforced and Poker Affiliate Solutions cannot tolerate any of our Publishers not adhering to them. 5) Can my players sign up for rakeback at a poker site where they already have an account?In the majority of the cases the answer to this is no. However, we encourage you to contact us at support at pokeraffiliatesolutions dot com to discuss options for your players. In many cases there are alternative poker sites that have the same player base where a new rakeback account can be obtained. Also, in rare cases, a poker site may be offering rakeback to existing players under specified conditions. 6) How much money can I make with a rakeback solution powered by Poker Affiliate Solutions?PAS is not a get rich quick scheme. Being a successful online marketer takes market knowledge, efficient networking and a work ethic. A more in depth answer to this question can be found on Friday’s blog: How Much You can Make With PAS.7) How can I change the content of my site?You can use the Content Management System to customize many aspects of your site. Best,Tony GuerreroAffiliate ManagerPoker Affiliate SolutionsPublishers at PokerAffiliateSolutions dot com

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