Tip 32: What’s your problem?

[singlepic=5,220,120,,right]Most new affiliate websites have an easily identifiable problem – lack of quality content, products, or services. A few websites have popular products, but neglect to pitch affiliate offers. Some websites have quality content, but don’t offer services or updates to encourage return visits. Still other websites offer great services, but don’t intertwine them with money saving bonuses/rakeback.It is cliche that the first step towards a solution is identifying the problem, but it may be so for good reason. Identify and articulate your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have done so, eliminate (for now) those weaknesses that you currently lack the resources to address. Whatever weaknesses are left represent your problem.Clearly identifying the nature of your problems may be enough to put you on the right path. If not contact support, post in the forums, or discuss them with colleagues and coworkers. If you let us know what your problem is we will make it our problem. and will advise you, adjust current services, plan new ones, or connect you with people can help.

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