Tip 31: Using Revision History

The revision history is an important tool for both advanced and beginning web page developers. Especially for beginning web page developers! Not only does it allow you to undo mistakes, but it can take your page back to the state it in was weeks, months, or even years ago!Learn about how it works.It’s current state has a few quirks and knowing about them will spare you from frustration.

  • Stick to Firefox if at all possible when using the CMS, some versions of Internet Explorer have historically had problems with it. A quick Firefox install may be all that stands between you and your page’s sunny past.
  • Save a few very minor edits before attempting anything that may impair a pages function. The original state prior to the first save won’t be available if you fail to do so. (unless you contact support). Saving the page a couple times until you notice a revision in your history could save you headaches.
  • After you click View Revision make sure to scroll up to review the code before committing your new changes.

You may also want to use the view revision feature to look at previous versions of your page without restoring the revision. This can help if you’ve made many changes but omitted or damaged a single critical feature.Taking a few moments to be aware of this feature and it’s quirks will allow you to explore all the options available to you without fear of causing serious damage to your site.CraigPASDesign

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