Tip 29: Become an Internet Celebrity

A faithful reader of our blog and forums will know that there are many other quality poker affiliate marketing websites on the internet. Not all of these resources will take kindly to attempting to grab some free ad space, but you can still use them to your advantage as a marketer.How It’s DoneSearch around for established forums, blogs and online communities. They might relate to poker, they might relate to affiliate marketing or they might be totally unrelated to the content of your website. Don’t spam, but be helpful and creative in your replies and communications. If possible use a name that is, or relates to, the title of your website. If not add links to your website in a personal profile if available.Getting your name out there any way you can may go a long way. Many of the pioneers of the rakeback industry earned their success by establishing a reputation for reliability, maturity and trustworthiness in online communities. Every word you publish online can build your credibility, and widespread credibility is nearly as good as cash to the shrewd businessman.

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