Monday Sales Call: Interactive Marketing for Poker Affiliates?

Last Monday Herb and I went to the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Summit. The afternoon keynote speak was none other than marketing guru Seth Godin. Regrettably i didn’t take notes for you guys. If you haven’t read his blog or any of his best selling marketing books, I suggest you get started.Below is a summary of the notes I took for two of the lectures I attended. Some of the lectures were companies basically pitching their service (SEO, email marketing, social networking consulting) and adding zero value or information to the attendees. Lee and Jackie had a ton of great information to share and for that they will get their names in the SERPS and nice links compliments of Poker Affiliate Solutions 🙂Jackie Huba, co-author of “Citizen Marketing: When people are the Message”Most trusted forms of Advertising1. Word of mouth2. Online Opinions: Youtube, Digg, Twitter, Facebook, etc.3. Company WebsitesThink about spending more on your social marketing campaigns before redesigning your website. Create an environment where your users can tell others about you. You could see a much higher ROI having others tell your target user about how great your product is then spending a ton on SEO, design and content. (this will also improve your SEM campaigns)Lee Odden,, toprankblog.comI was really impressed with Lee and his knowledge of SEO and Interactive Marketing. His company has worked with several Fortune 500 companies to increase traffic, sales, and branding. He parlayed the success of his own blog into a blog marketing service for other bloggers and companies. You can find a detailed outline of his presentation on a few of his lecture topics on his blog (hyper linked below).- if Facebook was a country, it would be the 6th largest in the world.- Dell generated $3 million in revenue last year via Twitter- YouTube is the second most used search engine behind Google. Lee talked about how to optimize YouTube videos and that they are seeing the most success in the SERPS with “How To Videos”.- Social SEO and Channels of Distribution– 3 of the top 20 search engines are social networking websites.- Basics on User Generated Content for Search Engine Optimization– Social media keyword ranking directory.- Elements to look at when tracking social media successGoogle Alerts: Get sent emails/feeds when there are new Google results for your search terms. I checked this out last week and will be using this service to track keyword searches we are targeting. I suggest you do the same.- Email still has the highest ROI of any form of interactive marketing (but the lowest conversion rate)Feel free to shoot me an email or IM if you want to chat about any of the topics above. I love chatting about new, creative ways to drive traffic and sales. Don’t be shy :)Tonypublishers (at)

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