Publisher Spotlight: SloRakeback

I started with affiliating some 4 years ago, that were times when Party Poker was prevailing the poker market. I signed up a few friend and also dropped some offline material in the biggest card room in Europe (at this time, not sure if it still is). The results were nothing special but I noticed that here is money to be made. When I was first introduced to rakeback I was amazed that I can get money back from playing poker, it was 15% on party though J. After this it got my interest and I started to offer rakeback mostly to my poker friends. I also made a first Slovenian poker forum that didn’t last long, because of inexperience and new competitive forum that lured its clients from the biggest underground card room at this time.I was persuaded that I have to make a rakeback web site, and as many starting affiliates I was sure it is a simple thing to do. Well I hired a guy that promised me to build a site on joomla, in the middle of work he just stopped to answer to my mail, phone calls etc. So I was desperate in seeking new solution. The big rakeback sites at this time already had the statistics and other features, so I wanted to have them on my site as well. I didn’t want to make crapy site just to stand there. I noticed a guy selling rakeback software on PAP and I got in contact with him, it took a long time to actually have the talk with him, and the price was something like 1,5k$ per month. Something I couldn’t afford at this time. I don’t remember exactly when I got in touch with Chris (PAS), but this is when the things started moving.I hired a new developer via that finished my site. At the beginning there were many problems since I didn’t have the access to server where the site was placed and I had no idea what to do by myself and what the PAS tech would do. It was financially and mentally exhausting period, luckily most of this problems are fixed now days. When the site was standing and (mostly) everything was working, I thought the clients will start coming by themselves, of course I put some banners on poker sites in my country but it wasn’t much of success. Afterwards I was introduced to SEO which was again something new to me and investing time and money in it was good thing to do. At the moment I am on 3rd place on for »rakeback« and I am quite happy about it. I like the nature of this job. It is evolving constantly and it is not such a routine as other jobs are. It gives you the freedom to be your own boss and to work as much as you want and whenever you want. Now I am working almost totally as affiliate and my second site CroRakeback on PAS is basically finished. I am moving to other parts of affiliating as casino, bingo etc as well.Working now is much easier than it was before but as everywhere else the beginnings are always the hardest, but the learning never ends and there are still so many things to conquer. It would be great if PAS would be here 3 years ago, it would make the whole path much easier.- GuljoSlovenian RakebackCroatian Rakeback

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