Monday Sales Call: A Breath of Fresh Change

We moved office spaces over the weekend and I find myself in a new work setting. I generally despise change of any kind and I have a fairly strict schedule that I rarely deviate from . I find myself uncomfortable when confronted with change at work or at home. It took me months to get used to the apartment I am in now. It is hard to put a finger on why I have such a hard time adjusting to change. Over the years I stopped trying to figure out why I react to certain things. Instead, I concentrate my efforts on HOW I react to situations.Change is inevitable, especially in business. Adapting to the ebb and flow of your industry is a key ingredient to a successful firm or company. Many companies get frustrated when the game changes and fail to adapt. Others see the change as an opportunity to target a new segment of the market or better serve their existing customer base. Either way, those who acclimate to the variance of their industry find sustainability and those who don’t fail. Are you proactively adjusting to the climate shift in your industry?My experience with change today has been positive. Our new office space has give me a spark of energy and fervor that I desperately needed (the winters in Minnesota can be quite draining). This transition has given me the chance to re-evaluate my workday, workspace set up, and time management. So I guess you could say I turned a once dreaded occurrence, change, into an opportunity!I will post some pictures of the new office space sometime this week.Tony

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