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The first week of the month is always a busy one. We have been busy gathering and importing stats from February as well as answering inquiries from players about payments. Typically we start importing monthly stats sites around the 5th and finish on the 9th. This way all payments can go out to players and publishers on the 10th.I have been asked by several publishers how they can add PayNoRake to their PAS site. The affiliate program setup makes it impossible for us to offer it as a normal PAS offer. We can however get you setup with PayNoRake on your own campaign. Simply email publishers (at) pokeraffiliatesolutions dot com and let us know your skin name and that you are interested in adding PayNoRake to your PAS site. PayNoRake is a skin on the Action Poker Network. PayNoRake is a better deal for both players and publishers than Action Poker is so simply emailing us could increase your margins and signups.Earlier this week Poker Stars announced several major improvements to their VIP Program. The first was lowering the requirements for reaching their three lowest tiers. The requirements now are 1200 for SilverStar, 3000 for GoldStar and 7500 for PlatinumStar. These are down from 1500 for SilverStar, 4000 for GoldStar and 10,000 for PlatinumStar. Poker Stars also now allows Supernova and SupernovaElite players to keep their status until the end of September of the following year instead of the end of June. This way players have three additional months to maintain their Supernova Status. Prize pools for their VIP freerolls also were increased by 50%.Full Tilt Poker answered with improvements to their Iron Man Challenge. Players are now rewarded with more Iron Man Medals for maintaining their Iron Man status for more than a year. Players that have maintained their Iron Man status for 36 or more consecutive months can earn up to 600 more medals a month. Full Tilt Poker also listened to players about how a short break to go play in live events or prevent burnout can end their Iron Man status. Full Tilt introduced two items in the Iron Man store that should help players that take a short break. For 30 Iron Man Medals players can buy a 200 point day up to four times a month. For 150 Iron Man Medals players can buy a continuing month so if a player does not meet the requirements one month they can spend 150 medals and keep it. A player can do that for no more than 2 consecutive months.Absolute Poker announced they would continue their reload bonus a day during March. Players can use the bonus code APBIGMAR and receive a 50% up to $400 reload bonus. The code can be used once per calendar day. Bonuses are not deducted from MGR.LuckyAce Poker has been removed temporarily from PAS. We expect to be able to offer them again in the coming weeks. We are working on a way to get better stats from LuckyAce for publisher payments and didn’t think it was a good idea to continue signing up players on the old system until a few bugs had been worked out.Check out our blog here at PAS every Friday for the latest in PAS and industry news.

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