Monday Sales Call: Sleep and Whiteboards

The last 2-3 weeks have been non-stop work for me and my co-workers. I hit a wall Friday night and slept for 15 hours straight! The launch of PAS Traditional added a good deal of work for our tech and design staff. I spent the last week mapping out the logistics and procedure for campaign creations. 25% of this process will need to be revamped or eliminated when PAS 3.0 launches but it will all be automated. I can’t wait for more automation in my life.I didn’t sleep very well last week. My mind wouldn’t stop racing at night about thing that need to get done the following day at the office. Finally, I put all of my thoughts and notes down on a 3′ x 6′ whiteboard Thursday afternoon. I plan on filling our entire office with whiteboards. Highrise, Basecamp, Google Docs, Google Calender, Outlook and AK Notepad on my Google Android. And now, a massive whiteboard staring me in the face every day at work. If only I could find a CRM that could manage the thoughts in my head :)I truly love my job and have a great deal of passion for our company and what we are trying to achieve. I am still “young” (27), so I figure this is the best time to work myself to death. Better now then when I have a wife, 2.3 kids, and a white picket fence.Warning: Off Topic RantThere is a startling epidemic here in the Twin Cities. I am not sure if it is a regional crisis or if it has spread to other areas of the US and possibly the world:People who do not say thank you when a door is held for them.I was raised in the South (brag), so naturally I am gentleman. I hold doors for everyone. I don’t expect a ‘thank you’ but batting .125 in the past two weeks has caused me to air my frustrations on the interwebs. I guess door holding is such an expectation these days that acknowledging said action guarders no response from the recipient. I don’t do it to get praise. However, at least acknowledge me. A nod of the head will do./RantTony

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