It Just Takes a Little Time

If you have read my last few blog posts, you know I’ve posted some of the numbers behind a rakeback business. First, I said a rakeback customer was worth $520.31. I also said that value varies widely based on where this customer came from. In addition, I said that I’d tell you what % of customers generated $500 in MGR. I apologize for not yet delivering on this promise. I forgot to ask tech to run that report. Now I must wait my turn in line behind the more pressing issues of making your rakeback sites continually better and our newest project – bringing you great affiliate offers. However, I repromise to provide you that number.Note: I recently had a dream that I could write database queries. But alas, I woke up and found I could not. Therefore, we wait a week.I also said I would tell you where one particular set of high value players came from. The answer is simple: 2+2.But I don’t mean last week. I mean when 2+2 was going from underground community to online poker’s common info center. 2004 or even before. Today’s mega-ballers were once noobs on that very forum.There are players who have since generated well over 6 figures of MGR who wouldn’t have raked enough for free DeucesCracked back then. One of these guys can drive up average player value substantially.Find where tomorrow’s stars live today. Poker affiliates are doing it every day. I was just looking at a rakeback site the other day that picked up nearly $10K in fresh MGR just off referral volume. 60% of it was one customer. Tomorrow’s behemoth customers are out there. The only question is whether you or the competition will get them.So I wish I had a better answer than: It just takes time. Even though you can get a bunch of players to generate good MGR quickly, and even though you can make a living off of being a poker affiliate fairly quickly, you can’t build a dynasty in a day. But you can – literally, anyone reading this can – build a dynasty in poker affiliate marketing.Now, our defnition of dynasty might be different, but for the sake of this conversation, let’s call it this. Or this. But, probably not this. Let’s try to stay positive. You can do this thing.See you next week,Byron

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