Monday Sales Call: A Visit from an Old Friend

We had the pleasure of meeting with a long time PAS publisher last week. Rakebackaces came into the office Friday morning. We have worked with RBA for the last 18 months and have been industry friends since the Party days. We went over the current projects him and his team are working on and how we can meet their needs. A few of the “needs” we already have and are currently available to our partnersIt’s evident we have fallen short in communicating the scope of our capabilities as an affiliate network and software provider. I blame myself for not properly relaying this information. I think tech companies in particular struggle with this aspect of product delivery more than others it seems. Especially businesses that have grown a lot in a short period of time.Servicing potential and existing clients hands on becomes more and more difficult as you grow. Many times the solution is automation. While it is not optimal it is usually the only thing that really scales. My goal for PAS is to grow as an affiliate network in size and quality without losing the personal touch that help make us who we are today. (This is easier said than done. I will keep you posted on my progress in future blog posts).I can’t express enough how valuable it was to have an experienced affiliate come into our office and share with us how we can better service his poker affiliate business. We are trying to make our software more user friendly while at the same time broadening the scope of user interaction. From URLs to affiliate links to API’s, we are working on adding new capabilities here at PAS. Getting fresh blood in our office helped me and our tech team better assess our current and future development plans.I really strive to better service our Publishers. Better software, up and coming poker rooms, new promotions, SEO friendly CMS; these are all elements of our product and service we are working on improving. Our tech team has been swamped with the development of PAS 3.0 (yes it is almost ready and will launch soon). Our new software will allow us to add exciting new features much faster and the delivery will be cleaner and faster.IM and email communication have their limitations. Face to face meetings with our Publisher has become a priority over the last year. There is so much value in putting a face to an email address of screen name and figuring out how we can better service our partners. Herb and I will be in Europe for the Budapest Affiliate Conference September 9th – 13th. We would love to meet up with existing Publisher or other affiliates who are interested in our services. Feel free to send me a PM or email ( and we can arrange a meet up.Tony

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