How to be a Good Customer

We have all heard to axiom, “The Customer is Always Right.” There is, of course, some truth to this statement. At Poker Affiliate Solutions we bend over backwards to give our customers whatever they need to succeed.But we have learned a lot from being customers ourselves. And the most important thing we have learned is: In order to get a deal done, we expect to put in the work to succeed.For example, we have just had a major redesign done on one of our “retail” properties. We needed to provide thoughts, mock-ups, feedback, and some technical work promptly. We were the customer, yet we did things not on our timetable. We did things when we were asked. We of course could have said, “Next week is better for this bit of work. We’ll get back to you then.” But then, when the process slows, do we have any right to say, “Hey, why isn’t this done yet?”We like to be the one who has done our part the best, the fastest, and the most complete, even when we are paying someone else for their part.To succeed in Poker Affiliate Marketing, you need to get deals done. A partner for accounts, a link exchange, content for content, feedback for feedback, a successful relationship with your affiliate manager, etc. The need to work with other people is endless. Our approach, and it has worked for us, is proactive. What can we get done? What can we give?Because every time you make a partner better, you make yourself better.

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