Niche and Brand

Are they the two most important things in Internet Marketing?Hard to say – online poker affiliate marketing has so many components that dictate the level of success. But niche and brand are certainly foundations.When we started marketing poker online five years ago, rakeback was actually quite a niche business. And we used our knowledge of the business, our first to market position, and our communication skills to excel in the niche. If you are going to dominate a niche, you need to know everything there is to know. We literally educated customers about rakeback one by one via email, IM, and private messages. (It’s that whole educating versus selling thing. Educating is better.)Now, of course, rakeback is, if not the standard of poker affiliate marketing, certainly a staple. It’s no longer a niche business. There are many providers. Reliability, accuracy, statistics, knowledge, on-time payments, and good deals are now absolutely necessary just to get your foot in the door. But there have become niches within the rakeback industry, and there are many more yet to be developed.

The more specific – the better the conversion. aka Niche.Niche turns into Brand by continually doing something in a consistent way. Raketracker has paid rakeback to customers every month for the last 52+ months – it’s how we became one the strongest brands in rakeback.If you were starting from scratch in rakeback today – make sure you think brand from day one. Make sure your friends, people you play with, your friends friends and the people they play with all know that you’re the rakeback guy or the rakeback gal or the rakeback place. Then make sure you are consistent in your actions. Maybe you send personal notes with payments or call your top five players. Do something unique and do it consistently.And keep niche and brand in mind.

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