Promoting the Promotions

Our Raketracker division is constantly running promotions to make things new and exciting for our existing customers and bring in new customers. Freerolls, giveaways, rake races, and free memberships to coaching sites are just a few of the things we do. We have no shortage of good and often unique ideas. What we have is a problem – how do we promote the promotions?The answer, I believe, lies not with gimmicky viral marketing tactics or linkbait. It certainly doesn’t lie with spam. The answer has to do with the fact that promotions should not be looked at as a frilly extra. Promotions should be looked at as our business. In fact, anything we do as part of our business is our business.This means marketing. Any promotion we do must follow the same format as the rest of our business. Simple. Consistent message. Timely reporting. Timely customer interaction. Don’t expect overnight success. Make it worth talking about. Add value.If we follow this formula, our promotions will be a success.

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