Adding Original Content to your PAS Site

When you join PAS we provide you with basic content for your players for your new PAS website. This is a great starting point for you. We highly recommend taking a day creating your own content based on our content. This is not just for the benefit of your players but also for the benefit of your search engine performance.We provide these site reviews and FAQs to get you on your feet to your new turnkey rakeback site. We have noticed that many of our publishers use this content and do not write any of their own original content. This might work if your site is aimed at your existing high volume however if you are looking to build a standalone rakeback brand it is in your best interest to spend several hours building the content on your site.When you add a poker room to your website through PAS the review will include bonus and rakeback information for each rakeback offer. If you would like to impress your players as well as Google you should include more info than this. The reason is if you use our basic review you will have the same content as all other PAS sites that did not create their own content. This hurts you in the search engines and may also hurt you when it comes to converting your visitor into a real money player as you will be penalized for duplicate content by the search engines.Ideas for your own content might come from a detailed clear rate of the bonus at each limit, your personal experiences with the poker room including software pros and cons and volume at each limit, and promotions we may not cover. These promotions would include rake races, guaranteed tournaments, freerolls, monthly bonuses, reload bonuses or something unique to that particular room that we do not cover.Another improvement to make to your site is to add SEO tags. These can be added by going to CMS/Main CMS, going to the page you wish to add tags to and clicking “Edit Meta Tags for this Page”. You will then need to add SEO Page Title, SEO Meta Keywords and SEO Meta Description. Your PAS site will not come with any of these tags. Your site will perform exponentially better in the search engines by adding tags to each page on your site. Even if you choose not to add any new content to your site adding these tags, which will take about an hour, will do wonders to your search engine performance. In my next blog post I will cover the best ways to use these meta tags to your advantage.

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