Monday Sales Call: The Office

I started working for PAS in August of 2008. Prior to actually working here, I would frequent the PAS office for a game of foosball with Chris and Byron. Our office is a residential house on the strip of a popular shopping district here in Saint Paul. Over the last five months, we have added three people to our office. Herb and Jonathan packed up the Nashville office and moved up here to brave the winters. Last month we hired Mark to work with Craig and the design department.With the addition of the Nashville office and three new hires, including me and a full time accountant, the office has been a tad cozy. Chris decided in the fall that it was time to find a new office space. The space he found is located in a really cool area of Minneapolis. The office is above a swanky old school supper club and apparently used to be a car dealership back in the 1950’s.I am really excited about the new office space. A few of us went over there to have lunch at the supper club and check out the new office last month. While the contractors were still working on the build out, it looked sick. It is twice the size of our office now and has high exposed ceilings. We would love to have our publishers stop by and hangout if they are in the area. One of our publishers came in town a few months ago and the experience was priceless. It is extremely valuable for us to hear about your experience with PAS and what we can do to improve it. So if you plan on traveling to Minnesota (hopefully not in the winter), let me know and I can set up a meeting with the PAS Team at the new office.Tony GuerreroAffiliate Manager

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