WSOP event #16, Limit Omaha Hi/Lo goes to Andrew Brown

WSOP event #16, Limit Omaha Hi/Lo goes to Andrew Brown
This year’s #16 event may best be remembered for the player who came in 3rd. Jim Pechac started the final day with 2,000 in chips; less than 1% of the chip leader Soheil Shamseddin, but battled his way back to a final table finish.
Final Table chip counts were as follows:
Scott Clements: 397,000Andrew Brown: 344,000Ralph Perry: 340,000Ted Forrest: 330,000Soheil Shamseddin: 285,000Jim Pechac: 240,000Kia Hooshmand: 200,000Allen Enciso: 190,000Jimmy “gobboboy” Fricke: 50,000
The first player bounced from the final table was Jimmy Fricke. Frick raised preflop and was reraised by Brown. Fricke called all-in. The players tabled their cards:
Fricke: 6cAdKdQd
Brown: 4s3s6h9h
The flop, 7c3dJc, brought a pair for Brown, and the turn, 9s, a second pair. The river, 6d, was no help to Fricke, who left in 9th place, earning $21,135.
Allan Enciso was all-in on a three way pot preflop against Scott Clements and Ted Forrest.
The board showed Qh3s2s8sKd. Clements took the low with AdJs9d4h and Forrest took the high with KcKh6d3h, leaving Enciso in the cold, mucking his hand, and leaving in 8th place, with a payday of $28,684.
Next to exit was Scott Clements, who was all-in preflop against Brown and Forrest. Clements mucked on the river when Brown showed how well his QdAhKs5s fared with a board of 4cJc5hQc5d. Clements pocketed $36,232 for his 7th place finish.
Ralph Perry had a chance to make a huge move when he was all-in, on a four way pot against Brown, Forrest and Shamseddin. Forrest folded post flop but Brown and Shamseddin were in it to the end, when Brown showed 7s7h3c2c with a board of 7cKh9h4sJs. Perry’s 6th place finish earned him $46,297.
Kia Hooshmand was eliminated when he reraised all-in and Forrest called him down preflop. At the end of the hand the board read:
Forrest: AcTd7d2h
Hooshmand: Ad9d8s2s
Board: AhJh4c4sTs
Hooshmand went out in 5th place, picking up $59,877.
Day two chip leader, Soheil Shamseddin, would go out next, after being crippled in a previous hand by the day two short stack, Jim Pechac. Shamseddin was all-in on a Kc5d5s flop against Brown and Pechac. Brown’s turn bet on the 2c got Pechac out of the hand. Brown showed 2s2d6d9s for a full house. Shamseddin showed Ad8hQs6h. The Jc river prevented the low that Shamseddin needed to stay alive, and he left $58,878 richer, in 4th place.
The surprising 3rd place finish of Jim Pechac is the most impressive finish of this year’s WSOP, as he went from dead last on the beginning of the day, to finish 3rd. In his final hand, Pechac went all-in preflop against Brown and showed his QhQs5d8h when Brown called with his Jd3d6s4s. The board favored Brown when it came Kh4c5s6dJc. Pechac’s stellar run was over, and he was out in 3rd place, earning $88,065 for his efforts.
After an hour of heads up play Andrew Brown, was able to send his opponent packing. The final hand had Forrest leading out on a flop of 9dJdAh. Brown made the call and the turn came 8c. Another bet from Forrest and a call from Brown brought a 2s river. Forrest led the betting and was all-in for his remaining chips. Brown called and showed his 4s5dJh2h, giving him two pair for the hi hand and 8-5-4-2-A for the low. Forrest showed Ad4d7sQs, giving him a pair for the hi and 8-7-4-2-A for the low. Forrest left in second place, earning $143,420. Brown captured his first WSOP bracelet and $226,483 for his win.

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