Vitaly Lunkin wins event No. 27, $1,500 No-Limit Hold

Vitaly Lunkin wins event No. 27, $1,500 No-Limit Hold

Chip counts for the final table:
PhilipYeh- $1,360,000
Jeffrey Brown- $310,000
Vitaly Lunkin- $1,030,000
Trevor Donaldson- $265,000
Barry Schultz- $1,340,000
Kenneth Terrell- $650,000
Richard Alm- $500,000
Bobby Firestone- $920,000
Brett Kimes- 1,500,000

Yeh opened the hand by going all-in preflop and Vitaly Lunkin called him. Their cards:
Yeh: As 9d
Lunkin: Ac Jh
Board: Qs Jc 7h 5d 5c
Philip Yeh was eliminated in 9th place after receiving a check for $57,990.

Robert Brown moved all-in preflop for $250,000 and Trevor Donaldson called. Their cards:
Brown: Qh Jh
Donaldson: Ad Qs
Board: Kd 5h 3d 7s Kh
Robert Brown was eliminated in 8th place with $84,594 in earnings.

Barry Schultz was the next to go. He went out in 7th place with $112,657 in prize money. Schultz raised to $150,000 and Bobby Firestone re-raised all in for over a million. Schultz called and their hands shown:
Schultz: 4d 4s
Firestone: As 2s
Board: Jh 8h 5h Ah Jd

Richard Alm moved all in preflop and Firestone called. Their cards:
Alm: Ad 8h
Firestone: 7s 7c
Board:Ts 6c 4c Jd Ks
Alm was then eliminated in 6th place with a check for $149,594.

The next to go was Donaldson, Brett Kimes raised 160,000 preflop and he re-raised all-in. Firestone went all in over the top and Kimes folded. Their hands were shown:
Firestone: Kc Ks
Donaldson: Ac Kd
Board: Ts 9s 3c 4d 6c
Trevor Donaldson was eliminated in 5th place with $190,225.

Vitaly Lunkin raised to 200,000 and Kenneth Terrell re-raised to 1,000,000. Lunkin called and their hands were shown:
Lunkin: Jh Jc
Terrell: Ah Jd
Board: Qc 6c 4h Kh 2d
Terrell hit the rails in 4th place and took home $232,702.

Firestone was eliminated in 3rd place earning $277,026. After reading a flop of Td 9h 6h, Lunkin checked his option and Firestone bet $200,000. Lunkin re-raised all in and Firestone called. Their cards:
Lunkin: Js 8s
Firestone: Ts 3h
Turn and River: 5h 7s

Brett Kimes raised to $620,000 preflop and Lunkin made the call. The flop was 9d 6d 5d, and Kimes fired a $1,000,000 bet. Lunkin re-raised all in for $2,876,000. Kimes called and flipped over Ac 7s and Lunkin flipped over 8h 7h for the lead. But when 3d Qd hit on the turn and the river there was a flush on the table. The pot was chopped saving Kimes.

On the final hand of the event, Lunkin raised to $600,000 preflop and Kimes called. The flop showed Jd 4s 2c and both players checked. The turn was 8h and Lunkin opened the action for a million. Kimes raised all in and Lunkin called. Their hands:
Kimes: Th 8d
Lunkin: Ac Jc
River: Ks
Lunkin won $628,417 and the gold bracelet while Kimes won $387,837 for 2nd place.

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