TIP 9: Keep up with current events

We work very hard to provide you with helpful tips, answers to frequently asked questions, and announcements on current events and upcoming promotions. It might be easier than you think to stay on top of much of the informative information we release every day.

How it’s done

Subscribe to this thread
In the blue bar at the top of this thread is a link called Thread tools. Clicking on that will reveal an option to subscribe to this thread, meaning you will receive an email every time it’s updated. It’s a good idea to do this for other threads as well, for example the monthly promotion thread.

Subsribe to the Announcements Forum
It’s a good idea to at least subscribe to the announcements forum, anytime something happens that we really think you should know about we put it there. The promotions forum also contains many important updates, especially if you need to translate pages.

Subscribe to the blog
We update the Poker Affiliate Solutions Blog at least once a week. The blog contains helpful tips and industry news and commentary and is a must read for any successful or beginning affiliate. Why not take a moment to use the subscribe button at the bottom of the featured post on the front page so you never miss another update?

Subscribe to twitter
I don’t get the whole twitter thing myself, but apparently its the next big thing and very useful for keeping publishers up to date and/or staging revolutions. The link is at the top of all forum threads: http://twitter.com/PokerAM

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