TIP 1: Create new harmonious pages

Create new pages and synchronize key elements by making them consistent. Tackle Page Name, Page Title, Headings, Content and inbound links.

How it’s done
1. Create a new folder in your CMS, perhaps called customized pages, or something more semantic like poker site reviews, poker tips etc.

2. Add a new file, give it a page name that is consistent with the topic. This is the topic sentence of your new web page, and it’s important! (Remember, no dashes or other funny characters in your file name.)

3. Edit the meta tags (there’s a link in the edit window heading). Be sure the Title tag is consistent with your file name, it should be the same or very close. Add a few keywords very closely related to your file-name. Add a few associated keywords that will match the content.

4. Start writing your content. Always start with a title tag, usually <h1 class=”pas”>Title

. You guessed it, the title should be the same as your meta title, and file name, or very close to it!.

5. Add your content, surround paragraphs in

p tags

. Use those keywords multiple times!

6. Save your page.

7. Link to your page from other pages, use your keywords when you do! Page Title. Notice how your page title gets involved in those links 3 different ways.

8. Review your content, is it well written, informative, useful, entertaining, interesting?

9. Write more pages. Stay aggressive, cater to your audience focusing on those things that make your particular audience different and special. Set goals to add a new page every day, week or month. Whatever fits your schedule, but stay at it!

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