TIP 8: Amass an army!

If your an avid reader of our blog, you know that a rakeback customer is worth over $500. A less impressive number in the same article is $223 – the value of a referred customer. I assure you, $223 is a big number, much more significant that the first $500. How so, you ask in desperation for my patient guidance?

Consider this scenario. You gain a new customer. He refers two people. Each of those people refer two people, then those four new customers each bring in another recruit for a grand total of 10 customers. If your doing the math now, you’ll know that our referrals are worth over $2,000, four times the original $500. Furthermore, you have 10 loyal customers who may find another friend at some time – and can be advertising your site with no investment from you!

That admittedly long-winded explanation is to support a simple call to action. Make it easier for your users to refer their friends! Way back when Party Poker was active in the US, they sent me a nice box of business cards and pamphlets in what I thought was a surprising act of generosity. It was, in retrospect, a very clever and cost effective marketing strategy.

The refer a friend page could really use your personal touch. You could also add some custom banners that your customers could put on a blog or other personal website. You could add downloadable printer friendly business cards. Send your players emails reminding them of how much they can make for refer a friends and how easy it is. Explain to them why referring friends to you, instead of using the poker site’s refer a friend program, is a much better deal for them. Add an anecdotal example of someone who referred a winning player and has earned hundreds or even thousands. Make a video showing how to set up a personal landing page and demonstrating how easy it will be for others to sign up from there.

The bottom line is that by being creative, innovative and persistent in advertising your referral program, you are increasing the potential earnings of every single customer exponentially. There is no better advocate for your service than someone who uses it, gains from it, and loves it.

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