TIP 7: Go to print!

Using print material to advertise your site is probably both easier and more effective than you think. Selling something 1 on 1 and in person has tremendous advantages over marketing blindly on the internet. Every single customer can be a huge asset to you, it is to your advantage to mix up your tactics.

How it’s done
I’ve used vistaprint in the past and was pleased with the results. Also vistaprint and similar sites often have tools/templates available for beginners.

Contacting a local printer, even a chain like Kinkos/FedEx may have the advantage of helpful sales people who can advise novices

What to print?.
Business cards work well and are easy to carry around and hand out. If you’d like to squeeze in some more material, I have used post card sized cards in the past with great success. You can even get post card style stock for your home printer, but I find its often more cost effective (and much more convenient) to use a printing service.

Pamphlets can be challenging, and I don’t recommend these unless your a bit more experienced or have the time and patience to experiment.

Many printing companies have large catalogs of items that you can have your logo and company name printed on. If you can give your audience something they might actually find useful, like a pen or USB key, then it’s far less likely to end up in the trash and more likely to catch the eye of passerby.

Finally, T-shirts are easier to have printed than you might think, and often don’t cost much more per unit than retail. I’ve designed T-shirts, hats, polos and hooded sweatshirts for PAS and most of us still wear most if not all of them on a regular basis. People love free clothes and will happily showcase your logo to thousands by the time they wear out!

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