TIP 5: Contact your users!

You may not be able to compete with larger, more established sites on design, marketing or SEO budgets, but you can absolutely equal or out perform anyone on personal service.

Your objectives when making contact with your audience should be to:
– Improve their overall experience at your site
– Encourage them to refer others to your site
– Encourage them to be active, winning poker players
– Increase participation in special promotions
– Ensure that they get fast, reliable support when they need it

How It’s Done

Welcome your players personally
On your dashboard, in the Quick Stats table, is a notification of new users, click view to see them in detail. You can then view these users and take a moment to send them an email welcoming them personally. If they haven’t yet signed up for a tracker, you might want to offer your assistance to do so. If they have, you can suggest similar sites they might like, tell them about bonuses or special promotions and tell them about the great rewards they can get for referring friends.

Customize your Sign up Email
In your CMS, in the Sign Up Pages folder, is a file called Sign Up Email. Take a few moments to customize this page, making it a unique greeting from your site tailored to your target audience.

Send a Newsletter
Sending a newsletter to your players can be very simple. Just click on the Export item in your control panel, select player data, then include Email. You now have a list of the emails of all your sign ups. You can then send them a quick note reminding them of special promotions and informing them of new features. If your list of emails starts getting very large, we suggest using iContact to effectively send out mass emails.

Publish an Instant Message Address
Make a new Skype, AIM or other chat client account for your website and give your users a way to contact you personally if they are ever confused or have difficulty. It’s usually not much trouble to answer a few questions whenever you happy to be online, and your users will appreciate it immensely whenever they can get immediate assistance.

Set up a Forum (Advanced Users)
A forum can be a great way to get users involved and for you to maintain an active, public dialogue with them. If you also happen to be a good poker player, you can encourage them to post hands and discuss strategy. You can also have active and ongoing discussions about bonuses and promotions. Remember successful players make the best rakeback partners!

Keep an eye on frequently encountered problems/questions
Even if you let PAS manage customer support for you, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on what sort of questions your players are asking and how often they get asked. Keep an eye on this by visiting the Player Support center under the Support menubar item in your admin. Address frequently asked questions in the sign-up process or on your website before they encounter the problem or ask the question!

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