Tip 25: Partner Up

The daily operation of PAS requires a team effort in which each individual plays a critical and fairly specialized role. To the best of my knowledge there is at least one very important thing that every employee does better than everyone else. In many cases, there is something that a person does that no one else can really do at all!Partnerships aren’t the right answer for every person or every project, but you owe it to yourself to consider the potential growth you might encounter by teaming up. Not only does a good partnership create a broader pool of talents on which to draw, but it serves to motivate everyone involved. Many people make the mistake of concentrating on the initial and potential cost of a partnership rather than the often much greater long term potential. PAS owes its existence to a partnership and the success experience by many (if not most) of our largest partners is owed to good old fashioned teamwork.Just as PAS allows you to reward your referrals in many different ways, there are countless ways to structure a good profitable partnership. If the idea of a partnership hasn’t occurred to you give it some thought, if it has be sure consider how beneficial partnerships can be and how important forsight and planning are in choosing a good partner.

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