TIP 21: Alternative Marketing

A common mistake among new publishers is to advertise in saturated, highly competitive markets. Although poker forums are obviously populated by poker players, many of them already know about rakeback and have taken advantage of an existing program. Furthermore, your ads may have little chance to separate themselves from the competition, particularly when many other already established entities are promoting many of the same features.
How it’s done
Be creative and always keep your eyes open for unique advertising opportunities. Tailor ads for people who might not know about rakeback, or perhaps haven’t tried online poker for various reasons.
Here are a few ideas, but the best bang for your buck will likely depend on your advertising budget, your target demographic and your geographic location.

  • Local papers and/or magainzes
  • Video Gaming websites or forums
  • Other special interest online communities
  • Flyers
  • Programs for local festivals/events
  • Bumper stickers
  • Ad space on or in buildings, skyways etc

Always be looking for ad space. Instead of instinctively avoiding local advertisements ask yourself if they are effective, how much they might cost, and if you are capable of designing/implementing a simple add for that space.

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